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Title: Иметь Те Оцепенелые Запястья (To Have Those Numb Wrists)
Pairing(s): Roy x Ed, Envy x Ed
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I do not own FMA or any of it's characters/content
Warnings (overall): yaoi, angst, fluff, non-con, bondage, mind-fuck, torture, heartache, gore (prolly gonna add more ._.)
Gift for: Mahoubunnybell for x-mas ^_^


For some reason, Roy stepped back into the room, making a comment about piercings, and then closing the door. He walked over, closer to Ed's body, staring down at him. The crunching sound from him sitting down echoed through the room; Ed swore he was laying on gravel. It was horribly uncomfortable, and some of the rocks were digging into spots of his body that shouldn't be dug into.

Ed broke away from sobs, staring back up at him as far as his eyes would allow. He was lifted up and set in Roy's lap, confused, wondering why Roy had him here. He opened his mouth, letting Roy pull his gag out to question him, but saw something different about his lover. His eyes were once a dark blue color, mostly overwhelmed by black. This time they were a glinting dark purple, and instantly, Edward began to struggle.

"You're...You're not Roy!" he yelled at the homunculus.
"What are you talking about, Ed?" The Roy in front of him held his figure securely.
"You're not him!" he spat. "You're not Roy! You're a homunculus! A god damn monster!"
"Guilty as charged..." Roy said darkly, his voice distinctly changing to a much more woman-like voice.

Envy tossed the boy's body away, which hit a wall and stopped on its back. He stared up at Envy, watching a grin move across his face as he leaned down to him, sucking his neck's skin and slowly sliding a cold hand under his shirt, down his stomach, and then the front of his pants.


...3 Days into love...

Ed sighed heavily, sitting down on Roy's couch, shifting his legs nervously. He watched Roy walk about his own home, very nonchalantly, moving into the kitchen. He pulled out two cups, peeking his head out of the doorway.

"You drink coffee, don't you?" he asked, scratching his head.
"Cream and sugar?"
"Yeah. Please."

It was seconds later that he walked into the living room, carrying two black coffee cups, both pretty tall, handing one carefully to Ed, handle facing him. The blonde took it, thanking him quietly. Roy sat down next to him, sipping some of his coffee, Ed doing the same.

"So, what are we going to do today?" Ed asked shyly.
"I was thinking the park," Roy responded. "Unless you had something in mind?"
"No, nothing in mind..."

There was a stillness between them, even after they left the house, got to the park, and found a comfy spot to sit under a tree. Neither of them said a word. Roy's eyes averted over to Edward, watching his expression, not seeing that sadness disapear. He was about to ask what was wrong, but didn't, too cowardly to do so. Instead, he layed his arm over the teen's shoulders, who flustered some, looking up at him. Roy slowly leaned into him, locking their lips in a light kiss. Ed looked at him suprised.
"Y-You....You just...." Ed sputtered, Roy smiling, but suddenly gasping when the young alchemist fainted into his arms.
"Fullmetal! Wake up!" He repeated to him, waving a hand in front of his face to air him awake.

That was the first kiss. Lord knows how the next would be....


Edward's newly awake eyes stared to the side at Roy, who sat against a dresser of his. The bed was extremely comfortable, but oddly low to the ground.

"Why is this bed so...small?" He begged that the bastard colonel wouldn't make a smart comment on the word small.
"Contrary to beliefs, military officers don't get payed much," he said. "That was what I could afford."
"I get payed alot."
"You're new. You have new ideas, and people want to fund your research. Once you're clueless, they pay minimum."
"I see..."
"Yeah..." He drank cold coffee, his face contorting at it.
"It's...really cold in here..." Ed said closing his eyes.

He suddenly felt something kind of heavy drop on him. It was soft, though, and wonderfully warm. But then another heavy thing dropped on the bed, Ed's eyes opening as he turned over, Roy's face illuminated from the sunset, laying next to him.

"Y-YOU'RE LAYING HERE?!" Ed yelled, jumping up.
"Well, yeah...It's MY bed..."

Ed was at a loss of words, until he felt Mustang's arm gently tug him to laying back down. He stayed still, looking over at him.

"So why'd you pass out?" Roy asked playing around with Ed's hair, making him blush further.
"I...I don't know..."
"Well, what happened before you fainted?"
"Uh...I couldn't control my heart?"
"I love you."


There wasn't any word that could describe how much he missed Roy's repeating words. He would always tell Ed that he loved him, whether or not it fit in the conversation ( or no conversation at all ).

A hard kick to Ed's stomach brought him back, a loud, sickening crack going off inside him. He gagged, trying to scream, however he was too out of breath. Envy saw the need to kick him again, lower towards his abdomen.

"That bastard! Do you see how much trouble he causes?" He yelled, kicking the body again, making it jump and roll to it's side.
"He...didn't do anything..." Ed choked out.
"The HELL he didn't!!"
Another kick.
"He nearly ruined our plans!"
A fist into the blonde's cheek.
"It was my fault! He saw me; he couldn't help it-" He managed to get out before being hit again.

Envy stared at him furiously, wanting to continue beating the life out of Fullmetal, that cocky, over zealous, piece -of-shit kid who never ceased to annoy him. No matter how many times Envy hit him, that flaming glare never changed its direction, right at his face. Envy's fingers dug into the skin on Ed's neck as he lifted him off the ground, his eyes piercing through him. He growled, simply dropping his body. As he turned to walk away, Ed's front hit the floor, and he screamed, curling up as much as his bound body could. Envy turned looking at him eince when he got 'caught'. The sin crouched down, pushing Ed's body on to his back and lifting up his shirt, watching the blonde cry.


The man was thrown dow in front of Ed, and kicked closer to him.

"Fix him." Envy stated simply to the trembling doctor, who looked at Ed, seeing the dark lines of bruises trailing from his right nipple, all across his chest, moving to his stomach and neck. The sight was horrifying and gruesome, and the boy's bloodshot eyes and tears made him even more nervous.


"It's an infection...untreated...It looks...I don't kn-"
"Don't you god damn tell me that you don't know..."
"I DON'T. The infection could have been treated before but...But now, it's spread too widely..."
"So you can't treat it?"

The man's head dropped to the floor before the simple 'no' could be said, his neck twisted so far, so fast that it ripped and snapped off. Envy stomped his way into the room, sitting on Fullmetal's weak chest.

"Well, if this is going to end soon, I'm going to enjoy myself while I still can..."


Roy sat alone, his leg bouncing anxiously, his face buried in his hands, refusing to cry, to detatch himself from any and every emotion. As he pulled his gloves on, he hardened his expression and sealed his fate, sticking his pistol into its holster. After a long, distant stare out the window, he walked out of his home, carrying two heavy blankets and setting them in the front passenger seat of his car, walking to the other side and getting in. As he drove away, heading to that lonely hill they always went to, he remembered that stupid, pointless ( to him ) warning Envy gave him...

"If you try to interfere, you will die..."


They had already long since arrived, the oldest homunculus leaning against Roy and Ed's tree, kicking around dirt with his near bare foot. He watched the car get closer and it's rumbling get louder, Gluttony holding Edward's unconcious body under his arms, drenched from the rain earlier that day. So they had been there a while...

Roy pulled the car up as close as he could get, getting out and closing the door behind him, pulling the blankets out the window, glaring at the monsters the entire time, with uncomfortable eyes. He walked the rest of the way up, meeting them by the tree, standing bravely closer than anyone would want to be to a sin. He watched Gluttony as he tossed Ed's body against the tree, letting it slide to the grassy ground. Roy saw the long, and thick black lines of infection running along Ed's nec and cheek. His arms were still secure behind his back, at this point his flesh wrist torn to pieces; it may need to be amputated...

"He's gotten an infection. Doctor said he couldn't cure it. Lately the runt's been cold all the time, so blankets would be a nice contribution." Envy said, eyeing Roy sarcastically, who wasn't listening to him. He had knelt next to Ed, holding his cheek, pressing his head to his chest, quickly wrapping the blankets around him so he would get warm ( hopefully fast ). Ed's eyes opened, unable to focus, but he knew who was there with him. He examined his pathetic, dirty face, his lip shaking, but his eyebrows furrowing and hardening again as he faced Envy.

"iI'll make you pay....you fucking monster...."
"I'm scared, really I am." Envy mocked, rolling his eyes.

Roy quickly tugged his pistol out of it's holster, positioning himself on one knee, barely able to aim before firing. Envy was already on the move, flipping over to the side, his legs landing firmly behind the colonel, tackling him over. Ed blinked several times, trying to make out what was going on, hearing the scuffling noises. He finally found sight, trying to fight his bonds to help Roy. He looked around and then kicked a foot under Envy's, the sin's body falling back, hitting an ungrounded root and rolling to the side of the hill. He raced back up, furious, hitting Roy aside, raising a fist to Ed's now infected cheek, but unable to let the hit fall, Roy quickly knocking into him. Envy fought his way back up, his head jerking back as Roy aimed and shot a bullet from his pistol, embedding it into Envy's skull.

Roy rushed over to Ed, watching the sin fall, Ed figdeting insanely, knowing that Envy wasn't dead. Gluttony stared down at Envy's body stupidly, as he began snapping back to life. Roy slipped out a small knife and started sliding the blade quickly back and forth on the cords around Ed's chest, snapping them, working on the ones around his stomach next. All the while Envy got to his knees, making strangled gags and chokes. Finally Roy got Ed's wrists free, but that only allowed more pain to set in. Ed cried, his flesh wrist pure gore, the skin hanging off and tattered, clumps of half dry and half wet blood falling to the ground. Roy bit part of his shirt, ripping the material. He wrapped it tenderly around his lover's wrist, careful not to wrap too tight or too loose.

Roy's body was harshly flung the other direction, Envy pouncing on him and proceeding to beat him in his chest. Roy ( being the stubborn ass he was ) of course, retaliated instantly, shooting him, once again in the forehead. He went again to Edward.

"We need to get out of here. Now." he said, breathing harder, picking Ed up by his metal wrist, starting to pull him along. Ed simply fell to his knees; Roy had forgotten about his fatigue, and the fact that he hadn't slept in days ( simply knocked unconcious ). "Ed, get up! W have to run!"
"What do you mean you can't?!" Roy yelled back at him.
"I can't! I can't run...I'm so tired..." Ed started to sob out, not wanting Roy to see his face.
"I...I'm sorry..." he said, standing and picking Ed up, this time in his arms with a slight grunt, starting to move. Before he could get technically anywhere, Gluttony stood in the way, not giving Roy time to stop, running into him and bouncing back. He felt Ed's body get kicked off of his, Envy standing over the blonde.
"You're ceraintly an underappreciater...." Envy said coldly. "I would save this for later, but I think I'll take care of it now." He pointed the gun at Ed, who was wheezing and begging to breathe. "Such a human way to die..."
"Don't! Please!" Roy yelled, moving over Ed's body, holding him tightly. "If you're going to kill anyone, just kill me."
"Roy!" Ed suddenly objected, fighting to get up.
"Very well."
The direction changed

The ring never left Ed's ears.

And the blood stained his cheeks in a permanent sense.

His taller, better, handsomer half; th elove of his life ( who, through a rumor, was supposed to propose to him ) fell on to his side, his blank eyes staring at Ed, who simply stared back, horrified.

His pupils dilated.


wow that sucked. ._. sorry guys T_T this gets shorter and shorter, ne? *hits self*

i've been kinda stressed lately, so this is what i got. ill try to make the next chapter longer.

again, sorry it's getting shorter. i'll try to lengthen next time ;_;
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