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I swear this isn't spam

Uh, yeah ::cough:: Don't read on if you haven't seen the entire series or the movie.

I noticed that in episode 34, Izumi tells Edo, Aru, and Winly that they'll meet again. But, techincly, her and edo don't meet again, correct? I was thinking over that Don't try to think at home,kids, you'll get hurt and at the end of the series Edo goes to Munich and Izumi stays in Resembool, right? But, in the beginning of the movie, Izumi dies... So the point of this post is, did they meet again after episode 34, or no? Sorry, I don'
t remember any of the episodes anymore >>' I worry about the most pointless things and I can't stop worring about them until I find the answers V_V
If this question is so pointless that it's not allowed, I'll delete it.
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