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Fanart: art junk dump of Envyspoilers.

Behold: art junk dump post.

This is all junk that I never intended to post anywhere, currently uploaded into a temporary folder which I shall remove... at some point. Yeah.

Contains spoilers like WHOA. Particularly regarding Envy, both anime (movie) and manga (chapter... 51?). Some of it's quite, quite old. A lot of pictures here are actually labelled with an explaination. Features lots of Envy, lots of alternate forms of Envy, homunculus Ed, Envyspawn, a severed head, a psychotic yorkshire terrier, and Roy Mustang with a gun.

This is my human Envy everyone insists looks like Duo. Apparently long hair + braid = Duo Maxwell. Meh.

(I actually gave him a braid because in my fic he and Ed were friends when Ed was 11, and he died. Ed mimics his hair later...)

Also in fic-verse, Ed has an ouroboros on his neck, because it's an AU and homunculi are created different. He's considered a candidate, but is still human.

This was just for fun :D;;

A while ago, I attempted to do icon requests. I think I got to Fuery before I kinda started procrastinating. I still intended to do them for ages, but I think it's a bit late now ^^; This was for the person who requested a gun-toting Roy. I can't draw guns. If the requester reads this, please comment! I have the icon! Same for the person who requested happy Nina-Chimera with a cookie.

Yes, it's Envy showering, not really looking like Envy. I intended to insert a rubber ducky but I couldn't think where to put it.

I kinda assigned Envy a pet yorkshire terrier. It is immortal, genderless, and has ridiculously oversized jaws that it likes to utilise on skin. It has fond memories of my fic-version human Envy, who was the only person who ever understood it. Envy tolerates it because it caused Ed pain, and he was amused. Shoebrush (that's the yorkie's name) likes Envy's legs.

It's Dragon Envy. With a little crazed Envy underneath. Don't like the dragon much, but the crazed Envy is cool :3

I like this sketch a great deal better than the one before :3 Unfortunately, IRL it has paintsplats on ;~;

The story behind this one is quite lengthy. It involved anime Envy's dragon form, manga Envy's monster form, a bit of curiousity as to how many reproductive systems monster Envy had in that heaving mass of... people-like-things, monster-style yaoi and mpreg, and lots of eggs. This was a conversation with someone, not a fic, as some may be relieved to hear.

I attempted to design a hatchling. It actually came out pretty cute >.>

It's a chibi anthro-ish monster Envy. With a severed head.

My favourite picture in this art-junk-dump :P I think you can probably guess why.

Fanart usage terms are here if you're curious.
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