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yay! Advertisement

*gets ready to dodge the flames* My friends told me to do this so here goesies! Another FMA fanclub! What are the odds??

Like Fullmetal Alchemist? Anime? Crack? Smex? OMGWTFBBQ? Then tehharem is the fangroup for you! With 30+ members and growing, we're conquering getting more well-known. :D All you got to do is click the banner, read the userinfo, read the rules, and then apply to join. ^_^ If you seem acceptable, you're in! If you decide to join, comment here. Comments will be screened. Just reply with your screenname and if tonight or tomorrow night, if you're not too busy, I'll(narutomonkey) just im ya and you're in! ^^ We basically have fun every night so you won't miss a thing!

Okay...*saleperson voice off* -_-

[EDIT] Woo! Banner is fixed! and it's not by me, it's by comiter, by the way.
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