Moe Shmoe (moeshmoe) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Moe Shmoe

See, i've been thinking

I was doing one of those philisophical long, deep ponderings about FMA's plot and characters and stuff, and I started thinking about how they did do the movie (I havent seen it yet, and I've avoided spoilers like the plague until now that curiousity got the best of me ^__^U)

Does anyone else die in the movie? I mean, they killed off Lust, I know, who was THE best character ever. And then Ed gets sent to the other side of the gate and Al gets his memory like, snatched. Roy gets his eye shot out. So I thought it was only logical that they kill of Winry or Hawkeye or Fuery or Havoc or someone. Or maybe make someone paralyzed (like Havoc in the manga) or, I dunno, make someone a head case or something.

It would make sense.

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