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'Red Water', Part one(yes, part one... ^-^)

[also posted in the FMA community ^-^]

They kept refering to 'Red Water' in this ep, so that's what I'm calling it til I can figure out the title... But anyway, tonight's ep was pretty interesting. And methinks the boys ought to stop introducing themselves... ^-^

The Elric Brothers arrive in another desert town, and immediately spot trouble: a little girl has become trapped under a mine cart. Ed saves the girl with alchemy(turns the cart into a sheet of metal). The father and his co-workers invite the brothers to stay at the town Inn, and everyone is all happy, until three events occur: the girl is apparently sick(coughing), this strange man who brings in lemons is not very popular with the rest of the townspeople(though the little girl defends him), and last but not least, Ed and Al introduce themselves... which gets them tossed out of the Inn because of who they are... >_< They hear the townspeople muttering about 'Brothers' that live up in the mountains, so they decide to go exploring there.

Up in the mountain house, two brothers are apparently doing research with chemicals and effects on plants(using gas masks as they research), I couldn't catch the older brother's name, but the younger brother's is Fletcher. They spot the Alchemy Ed does outside, and catch them inside the house. Ed and the older brother fight each other with Alchemy, and the older brother is able to use a red stone in order to do Alchemy(which immediately gets Ed's attention). The older brother is able to hit Ed in the face, but the Elrics escape as the guards enter the house.

As they sit on a hill overlooking the city, Ed is sitting with his head lying in Al's lap, mostly because his cheek is swollen from the fight, and Al's 'leg' is cold. ^-^ The 'hated' lemon man comes, and invites them to his house for the night... Fletcher argues with his brother about the Elrics. Meanwhile, an old man(also wearing a mask) I am assuming is their father, is talking to Lust about the 'Red Water' he is working on making...

The little girl comes by in the morning, even though her father has forbidden her to come to the lemon man's house. Al takes to her, but Ed, a bit surly because his cheek is still hurting, shouts at her. Later, Al tries to buy medicine for Ed, but is chased out of the store because of how he looks and who he is. But Fletcher asks if he can buy the medicine for Al(which he does), then they talk about things and their older brothers. Then Fletcher sees his older brother glaring/looking at him talking to Al, and he runs after his older brother, while Al spots Ed running past. Ed tells him he has a plan to get in the house.

They are tunneling underground, until Ed is able to break through the surface. They find the Red Water, and try to find out about it, until Ed faints from the fumes of the Red Water. Fletcher shouts to Al to being him out, before Ed gets sick... Ed wakes up inside the brothers' house and sees Fletcher, and becomes angry for what he saw in the tunnels. Al sticks up for Fletcher, but then the older brother comes ready to fight again. Ed is able to take him on, but then he creates a tube full of the Red Water and sprays it at Ed. Ed creates a shield out of his arm, holding back the Water, but then he slips on the slippery floor, falling towards the poisonous Water...

But then he is pushed out of the way by Fletcher, who falls into the Water. He tells his older brother off, and his older brother begins to realize things... when a whistle blows and everyone turns towards the door... as the episode ends- TBC

next ep(part 2), looks like the Red Water begins to flood the town, and Fletcher and his brother are arrested apparently.

I love it when my boss lets me watch tv during my dinner break... ^-^

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