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FMA Related Dream (Very odd...)

Keep in mind that I haven't had a fanism-related dream in over month...

Well I just woke up rather abruptly from a very disturbing dream.

In it, I was Ed (hahah -_-;; ) and Al was accompanying me as we approached the main streets of Central by the trainstation. We were greeted by Armstrong who had grown blonde hair into a mullet and was showing off "how rad and young it made him look and that this hairstyle was actually passed down the Armstrong family line for generations..." And then when I opened up my mouth to speak to him, I was startled a little because my voice came out as an odd combination of Romi's and Vic's. (Like some sentences would come out sounding more like Romi but the rest were Vic. That's what I get for being addicted to both verions. Al sounded more like Aaron and Armstrong sounded more like Sabat ) Then he led Al and I to the main offices at Central where Roy apparantly was (I was supposed to meet with him I think) and while we were walking in the hall, a phone rang. Since no one picked it up, I (Ed) grabbed it and answered. It was Winry. (Caitlin's voice)

Winry: "Hey Ed!"
Me(Ed): "Winry....how did you know to call here?"
Winry: "Oh I know all kinds of things about you..Pretty creepy huh?"
Me: "Duh...uh yeah....."
Winry: "How's the automail holding up? I heard from Major Armstrong you go into a bit of a spill out in the East."
Me: "....I did?"

That's when I realized my right arm was a bit stiff and around my shoulder was sore like a large bruise. I rolled up the sleeve to check on the automail. The metal was a bit bent and scratched up but it wasn't anything too severe.

Winry: "Well...?" *starting to sound a little annoyed*
Me: "....It's just fine Winry..I'm fine..."
Winry: "Well I just called to let you know...A girl came here to Resembool. She's really pretty yet a bit of a wacky dresser. Bright pink hair and all. Says her name is Sakura and that her 'beloved' Sasuke went to Central with their "Kakashi-Sensei" in search of a friend of theirs. Do you know anything about it?"
Me (Real!Me is all like WTF at this point...) : " No Win, I just got here. Haven't heard anything. Maybe the Colonel knows. I'm going to report to him right now."
Winry: "Good...Well then, call me back if you find out anything. I'll be keeping the girl company, maybe teach her a thing or two about automail to keep her mind off her boyfriend. Good-bye!"
Me: "...Bye..."

I sighed, then resumed wandering with Armstrong and Al. Al asked me wht that was all about and I told him and he just shrugged it off. As we were walking down the hallway I saw a lot of paintings. I believed they were supposed to be former Fuhrers. All in military unuforms. Saw one of Lord Ill Palazzo (O_o;; ) then a little further down one of Naraku (from InuYasha) (WTF) Two of the guards giggled as I walked by and they looked oddly like Haku (from Naruto) and Jakotsu (from InuYasha).

We finally made it to the office and went in. It was crazy. Just about everyone was in a miniskirt. Sasuke was in a corner looking rather pissed off and digging through some papers. Roy was off in another corner with Kakashi reading Kakshi's book and molesting Riza Hawkeye. Hawkeye blushed and shot at us right as we walked in the door. Then Havoc, Breda, Falman, and Fury all walked in, wearing miniskirts, thongs, and carrying paperowrk... Armstrong too one look at everyone then proceeded to shred off te bottom of his uniform, revealing a miniskirt and thong and started posing. Everyone looked at ME (Ed) like I was nuts for not being in a miniskirt and thong. (Though Roy was just wearing a thong...*twitch*) Once I looked over and saw Al had transmuted a metal miniskirt on himself I screamed and woke up.

Or so I thought...

When I "awoke" I was lying on my back, in the Munich!Ed clothes, with Al looming over me looking into my eyes. He was human like he is in the movie (long hair and everything) He looked worried. I lifted up my right hand to check it out. It was the Munich "automail" . Then shifted attention back to Al.

Al: " Nii-san..."
Me: "..Yeah Al?"
Al: " Are you okay? You started screaming, so I came in here...."
Me: *smiling a bit* "It was nothing, just a ceepy dream...."
*slience* *Al just staring for a moment*
Me: "....Al?"
Al: *wicked grin on his face* "....As creepy as THIS?" *as he says that he shifts into the form of a huge demonic Gate Baby type thing and the next thing I know I'm spiraling through the Gate (still as Ed) Gate Babies giggling and clawing at me, me screaming.

Then I woke up.

Wow...That I was a psychotic dream...I don't think I'll be falling back asleep for a while -_-;;

Just shows how nuts I really am.


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