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writer/reader/audience resource help

Setting up page for fanfic readers/writers to grasp the subtleties of the character interaction in FMA, regarding the pronouns and formalities of character interactions. For those of us who don't speak Japanese, this might be useful to catch some of the ways in which characters interact that isn't as obvious as Hawkeye's "Edward-kun" and "Alphonse-kun".

If you know of any specifics, feel free to list them here, and I'll compile. So far I've got Ravenwood's comments, and a few of my own.

Roy uses 'kimi' - an informal, affectionate form - when speaking to Edward (and possibly Alphonse?); uses 'ore' speaking to Hughes; used 'omae' during Nina situation in alley, possibly as a way to harshly jerk Ed back to attention
Edward uses 'anta' - mildly formal, but polite - when speaking to Roy; also uses titles more than proper name; uses 'ore' otherwise, except in episode 1 & 2, when he used more polite terms with Rose while asking for favor (?)
Alphonse uses 'niisan' exclusively when referring to Edward; uses 'boku' exclusively as first-person reference
Hawkeye - uses 'watashi' exclusively; refers to Edward and Alphonse with -kun honorific
Furman - called Edward 'boss'; uses 'ananta' when speaking to superior officers
Bradley - uses 'watashi' exclusively
Hughes - uses 'ore' exclusively; called Edward 'Ed'
Armstrong - refers to Winly and Pinako with -dono honorific

...That's all I can think of for now. If anyone has corrections or additions, let me know. Thanks.

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