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Ishvar Fiction [A Way You'll Never Be]

Dear Lord, finally, I have written it.

Well, started writing it. I've been brainstorming, plotting, planning and making weak stabs at this plotbunny for months. Basically, it's everything I have to say on Roy Mustang in Ishvar. I scrapped all of my previous, crappy, cliche attmepts at writing Ishvar, but gacked the best parts (yes, I steal from myself), and wrote a series of losely connected drabbles.

*plunks down*

Title: A Way You'll Never Be
Length: 19 drabbles + A/N
Genres: Drama/Angst/Romance/Action
Rating: M/R for every possibile reason- combat related violence, language, sex, alcohol, Kimbley
Spoilers: Throughout the whole Ishvar conflict (in anime)
Chars. & Pairings: Mustang/Hawkeye, Mustang, Hawkeye, Marco, Kimbley, Gran, minor Hughes and Hughes/Gracia

the gateway is here
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