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Title: Иметь Те Оцепенелые Запястья (To Have Those Numb Wrists)
Pairing(s): Roy x Ed, Envy x Ed
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I do not own FMA or any of it's characters/content
Warnings (overall): yaoi, angst, fluff, non-con, bondage, mind-fuck, torture, heartache (prolly gonna add more ._.)
Gift for: Mahoubunnybell for x-mas ^_^

...6 Months into love....

Ed's metal fingers grasped the towel laying on the toilet next to him, wrapping it around his waist and tucking it into place. He scratched his heah lightly, his hair already a mess, so no problem if it got tossed around. Walking out of the bathroom, he couldn't get two steps forward before he bumped into the taller man he currently lived with, who grunted slightly, but then grabbed him and picked him up, slinging him over his shoulder like baggage.

"H-Hey! Put me down!!" he wailed, but stopped short, a bewildered look crossing his face when he felt a hand tightly grab one of his butt cheeks.
"Let's go sex you up again. You smelling clean is unatural." Roy said with a grin on his lips, pressing his cheek to Ed's ass.
"Hey!!! No!!!" Ed yelled again, kicking his weight around on Roy's shoulder, but unable to hide the fact he was getting hard already.

Roy flopped the blonde on to his bed, already the short boy going to spring up. He was fast, but Mustang was faster, instantly pinning him to the bed. Fullmetal struggled a bit, but let out an enormous and irritated sigh, giving up while he was ahead.

"You're impossible." Ed snorted.
"You're sexy." Roy's small response, leaning in and nipping at his neck, then, just to see his reaction, biting down a little harder.
"Oh please. It couldn't have hurt THAT badly."
"Well, you could have given me warning!!"
"Coulda, shoulda, but didn't." he said simply, leaning in again, running his lips softly along the spot, which was working up a bruise.

Ed moaned very softly, slowly letting his eyes shut, relaxing his arms against Roy's strong grip. Ed was starting to feel the seducement, leaning his neck into Roy's lips even, goating him on. He had just taken a shower, and already he was at it again.

But, of course, the phone rang.

Of all times....

"What is it??" Mustang answered in a smartass-ed voice, frowning, as if the person on the other side could see it. "Job, huh? What kind?"
Ed watched him, trying to study his face and see what was going on, but couldn't figure a thing. Every now and then in the conversation, Roy would smirk, or chuckle a little, and soemtimes sound gruff. Instantly Ed recognized that he was talking with Maes. It was almost like a bipolar conversation; one minute they're laughing and reminiscing, the next they're ready to kill. Of course, it was the same for Ed and Roy's relationship. VERY bipolar, indeed. The click of the phone hanging up, made Ed snap out of it, watching him stand up.

"Well, c'mon. We'd better get going."
"Going where? You haven't even told me what you two said." Ed responded with a dull look on his face.
"Get your clothes on." Roy said, tossing him pants and a shirt.
"Oh, right." he said, yanking them back and giving Ed his. He quickly pulled his own on, zipping up the fly and buttoning the top. He watched Edward get dressed, and finally told him what they were doing.


"Painting? You made it seem so serious." Ed almost exclaimed, looking down at the buckets and newspaper laying about everywhere in the room. The walls had already been built, dry-walled, and sanded down. Quite a few buckets of paint were sitting on the floor, freshyly opened, with rollers and pans piled next to them.
"This whole room needs to be that color blue by tomorrow morning. You'll have to finish up tonight so we can air dry it, so try to be hastey about it!" the older, beer-bellied man said, sniffling from his yearly cold and leaving Roy and Ed to stare at the somewhat large room.


"Why in the hell am I doing this?"
"I dont know."
"I mean, I'm a colonel for fuck's sake...I should be out....doing something else!"
"Yeah I guess."
"Painting! Of all things in the world to do! It's sooo boring!"
"Well maybe if you whined a little less, it wouldn't be half bad." Ed said dully, shooting an annoyed look at Roy, who turned to see it.
"Hey! It's not my fault! You're the one that let me seduce you! And then you knew that conveniently, the phone would ring!"
"WHAT?? That's ridiculous! How could I have fucking known the damn phone was gonna ring??"
"Because...you're...odd like that!"
""That is the DUMBEST thing I have ever heard!!!"
"Have you listened to your voice lately?"
"What....the fuck....did you say...."


"THAT'S IT!" Ed yelled, throwing down his paint roller and lunging at the older man, suprisingly able to tackle him down, and conveniently into a pan of paint. He sat up, looking at his hands that were covered in blue paint, and then at Roy, whose clothes were even worse. Ed started laughing at him, holding his stomach, until a loud splat his his face, mostly his cheek and nose. Luckily his eye closed, so none got in there, but the thick, wet feeling was horrible. He growled, shoving his body on to Roy's starting up a war, smushing paint along his neck and face.

Roy rolled Ed on to his back, and took the pan of paint, dumping it on him, doing barely any justice when Ed's arms flailed at him, putting paint on his entire body was well. Roy wraped his arms around Ed's body holding his arms fast against his sides. Edward struggled hard, for some reason, starting to laugh, nearly making Roy trip when his laughing started. Roy was barely able to press Ed's body against the wall, putting more paint on him, but Ed didn't care. He fell to his knees, laughing as hard as his body would allow, Roy pressing his arm on the wall to hold himself up.

Eventually, their laughing subsided to small giggles, and the two were sitting with their backs leaning against the wall. Ed's legs were sprawled out in front of him, Roy's bent with his arms resting on them. Both of their faces were spattered blue, and their hair was matted beyond belief. Catching their breath seemed impossible, but luckily their lungs started working again. Roy looked over at Edward who had his eyes closed, resting his head against the wall, neck exposed, but still smeared with paint. Roy spotted a bit of it dripping from under his lip, and calmly licked his thumb, leaning over and gently pressing it off. Ed looked over at him slightly, watching his arm start to move back, but reaching up and stopping it. He pulled his hand back to his cheek and pressed it softly on his skin. Roy took the initiative, pulling Edward's head over to his shoulder, his thumb stroking his temple and cheek.

The walls around them started to fade, Ed noticed, making him perk up, watching the paint dissolve into the air, the walls crunching and slipping apart on to the floor. He felt colder suddenly, turning to find Roy gone, not even a puddle of paint left in his place. Reality slammed back into him like a train hitting a vehicle, his head spinning, wracked with dizzy pains. His eyes were locked on his hand, that was chained securely to the wall behind him, like his other hand. At least it wasn't as dark as before. He felt that thick, wet feeling on his thumb, seeing a drop of paint on it, but thinking it a hallucination, letting it fade from his mind, like everything else.

Then, his stomach gave a low growl.



The once sarcastic, cocky, bastard-of-a-colonel Mustang, was now drained into nothing but a depressed, middle-aged man. His eyes were lined with sleep deprivation, and could it be that he was thinner? His old friend stared down at him with a frown.

"I never thought you'd get so distressed over him." Maes said, standing plainly by him, watching his back, not able to see him.
"No one does..."
"So what're you going to do?"
"I...don't know..."
"Well, sulking isn't going to-"
"What else can I do??" Roy yelled, turning to face him and standing. "I have nothing else! I have no idea where the hell he is Maes!"
"Like I was GOING to say, sulking won't help you. If you're so concerned, why not go out and look for him? Maybe look for clues as to where he may have gone."
"I wouldn't know where to look."
"Of course not. It's an investigation, Roy. You're not going to find him in five minutes."
"Don't get smart with me...Not now..."
Maes sighed, rubbing his head. "Well, I'll go looking with you." Roy looked up at him, less angrily. "Elysia had scheduled a play date with him, so I can't disappoint her."
Roy grinned a little. "Yeah."


"Oh, come on, shorty!! It won't hurt too bad!" Envy said with an evil, toothy smile, but Ed still writhed in his hold, growling lowly, trying to kick away.

Envy's arm was strangling Ed's neck, holding him in a tight headlock, Lust crouching to the side, her nails slowly lengthening. Though this wasn't exactly the most thrilling thing to her, it was something to do, other than stand about and wait. Ed's body struggled as hard as it could, though his arms were pulled tightly down to the wall. Envy pushed his hand on to the side of the short alchemist's head, tilting it towards his chest, exposing his neck, and ear. Lust looked at it boringly, taking the lobe of it, shooting a nail through, making Ed yipe and jump in the green-haired sin's grip. Six more stabs made holes in his ear, by that time, sweat rolled down Edward's nose, dripping on to his chest. Envy was the one to place the rings in, an assortment of colors.

"One for each sin." he leered to himself, looking at Ed's contorted face. "The pink is for lust, yellow for gluttony, blue for pride, red for wrath, purple for sloth, aqua for greed, and green for envy...Hope you like them. My gift to you." he said, moving closer and breathing his words into Ed's ear, who flinched his head away from the monster, his eyes burning in anger. Envy smiled, sighing after a slight giggle, staring down at his shirt.

"Now...how about those nipples?"

Ed's eyes widened.


"Roy, come on! It's getting to dark to look anymore!" Maes yelled out to him, seeing his form standing on a hill. This was a far out suburb of Central. Mostly plains, really. Very few houses. It was frigid now, and windy, but Roy didn't worry about it, looking out at the rest of the landscape, seeing only a couple dimly lit houses, and rolling grass. He was almost absolutely sure he'd been here before, and remembered when Edward brought him here.

That was...an eventful day.

...2 years, 7 months into love...

"You think we'll actually last?" Ed asked out fo the blue, looking up at Roy.
"I mean...do you think we really like...or even love each other?" he asked, seeming down suddenly. It was odd. They just spent an entire romantic day together; no work intrusions, no visits from family or friends. It was simply them.
"Mmm....I think we love each other. We've had numerous fights and still we haven't seperated, which is a good sign. I can admit I feel for you differently than any other person I've been with." Ed listened to him, watching his face and it's deep-in-thought look. It was a bit corny to hear him saying some of these things, but also very relaxing and heart calming.
"But do you think we can keep it up? What if I find the philosopher's stone? What if someone comes after one of us?"
"What if, what if, what if....Geeze....Can you ever be positive?" Roy said, frowning at him. "I'm in love with you. And I'm hoping you're in love with me-"
"Of course!"
"Well, then we're together in whatever comes along. There's nothing we won't do without the other being there. Deal?"

Roy held out a stretched hand, Ed looking at it and shaking it, feeling secure now, or at least a little more comfortable. Roy slowly pulled Ed into him, locking their lips and trailing his tongue along the roof of Ed's mouth. Ed made a muffled giggle in Roy's throat, pulling back a second.

"Ticklish in the mouth, huh? We could use that to an advantage maybe..."
"Don't get your hopes up." Ed retorted, frowning.
"I think we'll last."


Ed cried out feeling the large gap formed from Lust's nail. He didn't writhe; that would hurt him even more. He instead growled, clenching his teeth together, holding back a scream, panting hard. Envy seemed to be enjoying it.

"Lust," he said, making her look over at him. "Leave us alone for a bit."

Lust didn't say anything, simply stood and walked out of the now dimly lit room. She definitely did not appreciate being bossed around like so, but she really couldn't match Envy's strength. When the door closed, Envy turned his head back to Edward, watching him roll on to his side, swallowing, then panting again. The sin leaned in, placing the second ring into his nipple, flicking it a bit, making Ed cringe.

"I know deep down in your gut, you enjoyed that as much as I did..." he mused, laying on his side in front of Ed, resting his head on his palm. "I know it. In the future you'll thank-"
"I've...had it done before...." Ed gasped out.
"What?" Envy asked, taking a double glance at him.
"A nipple...piercing....Did it once before..."
"Hm..tell me more." Envy said, sitting up and looking down at him, with slightly interested eyes.
"No....I...don't have-"
"You sure you want to finish that sentence?" Envy said, suddenly grabbing the teen's new pierced nipple, pulling somewhat hard at the ring in it, making Ed yelp.
"W-WAIT!!! Alright! I'll tell you!" he yelled, Envy promptly releasing his captive nipple. "I....I did it once for Roy. I guess I was trying to impress him...or look cool, or something. "
"Why'd you take it out? Nipple rings look quite good on you."
"It got infec-" Ed stopped, hearing his comment and rethought his answer. "I didn't want creeps like you getting off on it."
"Well guess what? Now you have two." Envy replied with a wicked smile. He nudged Ed on to his back, standing and stepping over him, sitting on his stomach.
"What're you doing?" Ed asked, scared to know the answer.
"I'm going to do....what every 'creep', as you say, out there wants to do to you....I'm going to make you scream bloody murder, in a sick, unwanted pleasure. In fact....I'm going to mutilate you so much....I doubt you'll ever..." Envy's form dissolved away, changing into a taller, dark haired man, and his voice more defined as a man; specifially a colonel. "...be the same again...You'll feel this sickening feeling of passion that all humans feel...All. Your. Life." he said in Roy's distinct, seductive voice, his hands grabbing Edward's neck and pulling him up a little.
"Why...?" Ed dared to ask, feeling his head swim, and his body go out of control, wanting to escape from him ( and damnit, his voice cracked on that... ).

"Because I can't...."


Roy flopped on to his bed, sitting heavily and bent over, looking around at the mess of a home he had. Even though he had been asked to say in the dorms, he couldn't. It wasn't the same. Of course, it's not like the house was either. There was no one there to yell at him, or love him, or do anything with him. He sat alone, the lighting from his lamp barely able to light up any of the room. He felt utterly drained, and empty, like nothing was left for him. Ever since that last time he felt this way, he hadn't allowed himself to sink so low, to be depressed over losing someone. Maybe he was influenced by Edward a little too much.

He started letting himself fall back on to the sheets under him, but a loud crashing noise from his window sounded, and suddenly he wasn't falling anymore, instead being forceably held up and restrained by his neck. He coughed, starting to fight, but stopping as the person ( or thing ) gripped him tighter.

"Not so fast Flame Colonel...Don't go to sleep just yet." a horribly familiar voice came to him as he turned slightly, seeing long green hair lay against his back as Envy's head leaned in a litle to flash his devilish, purple eyes at him.
"Envy....I should have known..." Roy responded with a snort. "I should have sensed it was you. You have this thing of being an ugly bitc-"

A hard knee in his back made Roy gag and choke against the sin's muscular arm.

"You'd better watch it." Envy said coldly, staring at him with icy eyes. He reached back and pulled from the side of his skirt a small, but thick piece of paper, as Roy's eyes glanced to watch Gluttony walk in, bouncing about heavily. Envy flicked the paper, the sound bringing Roy's eyes back to his direction. "This was taken this morning. Quite recent, eh?"

Roy looked at the picture, his fist somewhat fighting with Envy's arm for air. He looked at it sadly, seeing Edward in a horrible condition. He was blood spattered, bruised, and seemingly fatigued. His flesh was torn open in several spots ( that he could see, which made him worry ). He stared at it for a few minutes, trying to make sense of it, but then suddenly grew angry and shook his head. "This....this isn't recent..."

"Excuse me?" Envy replied, a curious look on his face.
"This picture....it isn't recent! You're lying!" he yelled at him, starting to try and pull Envy's arm away, who tightened it instantly.
"Hey! You'd better believe this is recent! He's still alive, barely, but alive! We can QUICKLY change that!"
"You're lying!! I want to see him! I want to actually see him in front of me! For all I know, you've already killed him, and you're just trying to use an old picture as bait!!!" Roy couldn't believe some of the things he was saying. Why was he giving up so soon? Why was he wishing Edward was dead?
"You want to seem him so badly?! Fine! Gluttony!" he yelled, looking up at the mass of a sin, who toddled over to the window, reaching down. Envy held Roy's neck tighter, making him lose even more air. Roy's eyes widened, watching the huge thing pull up a ( small ) body and hold it out by the hair. He looked almost exactly like he did in the picture, only now it seemed worse, because it was real.

"Ed...." Roy said quietly to himself, feeling Envy's arm let go of his neck and pull back, and when he was allowed, he shot up and ran over to his young, beaten lover and took him from Gluttony's grip. "Oh god....Ed...Wake up!" he said panicked, holding his body in his lap. His body was so heavy now, even heavier from when he slept. His arms were tied behind his back, the rope twisting into his skin, large gashes of it fallen out or scraped away, leaving a horrid burning sensation in Ed's arms. There were also smaller scrapes by the corners of the blonde's lips, signifying a gag had been roughly thrown in his mouth. He couldn't find the feeling to sob, so he held Ed's body close giving the frigid figure all his warmth that he could through his clothes.

It wasn't long before Ed's body was roughly yanked away from Roy. The Flame quickly tried to go after it, a hard kick pushing him back down. He pushed up to his elbows, but that was all he could manage feeling Envy's heavy foot on his chest, crushing him into the wood floor.

"Hey, you have to earn your time with him. You saw him, you know he's alive. Now...let's get serious...."



Roy: "Envy, you're an ugly bitch."
Envy: "WAAAAAAH" T_T *stab stab*
Fangirls: *all jump envy and rape him*
Envy: That's...reasuring ._. *blink blink*

wow that was gay XD sorry can't think of much else : P

again, comments? let me know if u like! ^^ don't be too rough please! ;_; i dont have spell check, so im sure i'll have plenty of lil annoying spelling errors *dead*



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