sillycontemplation (thelittleloner) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Hello hello, just stopping by...

Well, I have a little question... or request actually to see if any of you lovely people have this song... I think I'll put the lj-cut just to be safe for spoilers and such.

Well, it was in a recent FMA episode that was on TV (though I have seen the whole series and movie already, it doesn't hurt to watch the series again, y'know?), there was this song on Episode 33, I believe, where Ed is at/getting to Dante's house and there's this pretty music in the background where a lady is singing a bit... I can't make out any words, but alot of it is just like... "Whoawhoa whoa's..." But I like it. I take liking in alot of bgm. ^.^

So... does anyone have or know where I can possibly get this song?

Please and thank you! =)
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