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Stupid bunnies...

I seem to have been PlotBunnied and ArtBunnied at the same time... I figured the results would fit here since they're at least half FMA...


I feel I should explain here... the guy on the left... is Zidane (see: Final Fantasy IX) from a Kingdom Hearts universe that a friend of mine and I have been working on. I just had this random thought that if Zidane ended up in Amestris while world-hopping, he would have been mistaken by the military as one of those human chimera experiments because of his tail and thrown in prison. If Edward found out, he'd probably take out a favor on Roy to get him to pull a few strings to convince the military that Zidane is NOT a chimera and would try to get him out. The quote came to me halfway through the drawing, so I wrote it down there before I even finished Ed.

A couple of my friends have asked why Zidane was so pissy, but wouldn't you have a couple issues with the world if you were just randomly thrown in prison not two minutes after showing up on an unknown world?

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