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Title: Иметь Те Оцепенелые Запястья (To Have Those Numb Wrists)
Pairing(s): Roy x Ed, Envy x Ed
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I do not own FMA or any of it's characters/content
Warnings(overall): yaoi, angst, fluff, non-con, bondage, mind-fuck, torture, heartache (more will probably be added ^^;;)
Gift for: Mahoubunnybell for x-mas ^_^


For being so small, he was suprisingly heavy. Maybe it was the automail that did it, or maybe he was heavily resting now. Edward's blonde hair was a mess, and still damp from sweat, trailing on his back, and some over his shoulder, bangs in his face as they always were. He breathed steadily, his mouth creased ever so slightly open, warm air coming from him. It was almost relaxing to Roy, seeing that he was a little cold from being bare to the room, so much that it spread tingles along his spine and goosebumps on his arms. He couldn't shiver, though; Gate forbid, he'd wake up his young lover ( who notedly had a little too much to drink the night before ).

He didnt entirely mind so much. Alcohol made the blonde insane when it came to sex, even allowed Roy to get a few hits to his fresh ass every once in a while. And it never mattered how hard he'd hit. Ed would not feel it until the morning, let alone try and remember it. Rarely he drank, so Roy took the initiative as soon as he could. He snuck a peek under the sheet around the smaller's body, staring down at his cheeks ( still red ). He smirked a bit to himself, laying the sheet back down, as well as his head on the pillow behind him, letting out a small sigh.

Though sometimes being with Edward was a bit of a hassle, it was times like these he looked forward to; waking up in the morning and finding Ed in his arms, asleep ( and calm, for once ), looking so cute it scared him. That was what he looked forward too.


Of course....it couldn't last forever. Edward eventually had to wake up.


The once hard-headed Fullmetal's chest heaved forward, his body spilling out all kinds of vulgar liquids. He barely had the time to breath before letting out another strangled gag and vomitting again. His other, older half, sat on a stool behind him, simply rubbing his aching back ( see what spanking does??? ); it was all he could do for him.

"I warned you," Roy said, looking above the bathroom door at the clock hanging from it. Damn...it was a few minutes off all along. "You don't-"

After several more loud noises from Ed, he looked up at him tiredly, bitterly. "I know!! I don't listen! You tell me this ev-" and more vomitting. Roy shrugged, patting his back and standing up, going to pull his blue jacket on, lazily sticking his arms through, and cricking his neck. A prompt flushing noise came to his ears, making hi start to head back to the bathroom. He buttoned the front of it, returning to his spot. But by then, Ed was calmed a little, too tired to argue. His body slumped over the toilet, gasping for air, swallowing hard, that horrifying taste in his mouth making matters only worse. Roy sighed, standing again, pulling up his sick teen, and placing an arm firmly under his legs.

Ed groaned in protest, mumbling something about being able to walk on his own, but the comment was ignored. He rested Ed's body back on the bed, dragging a garbage can over to it's side. He'd already placed a glass of water on the small desk to the left of the bed, in case of dehydration. He smoothed a hand over Ed's forehead, brushing his bangs away for that brief moment, only for them to flop swiftly back to their originated spot.

Flame smiled at him, putting his right hand over Edward's left shoulder, balancing on it while leaning over him, lower and lower until he pressed a gentle kiss on his cheek. Ed looked up at Roy, feeling a tiny lick between that small kiss, caressing his cheek against Roy's. It was a gentle gesture of love Edward gave, often, and soemtimes even in public; which was simply amazing for him ( brat ). The tall colonel stood, stretching his arms to that high sky blocked by the ceiling and pulled on his trenchcoat. He walked out the door of the bedroom, peeking back for a quick moment, Ed craning his neck a little, to see him.

"I'll give you a better kiss when I get home. You'd better have brushed your teeth by then." he said in that slick, sardonic voice of his.
"I love you, you bastard!" Ed yelled out to him, seeing his form was already gone from the doorway. Edward sighed and slowly moved on to his side, moaning from the sickening feeling. He heard the door close in the front, blinking slowly and staring at nothing in particular. It took nearly twenty minutes for him to decide simply to get up, move around a little. His legs cramped several times, making him stumble a little, until he nonchalantly made his way into the bathroom, not even bothering to close the door. His metal fingers pulled down an oversized, light purple towel and set it aside as he slid the shower door open.


"I'm sure it was, sir." Riza simply replied, a look of slight irritation on her face. Of course, she wasn't facing her superior at the moment.
"It really was amazing. Last night I have to say didn't top some other nights, but it was wonderful." The colonel said, leaning his elbow on the dark desk in front fo him, cheek in palm, and mind lost in memories.
"Sir, I'm not sure if you should be speaking of such things here."
"Oh? Why not?"
"Because Fullmetal is, in fact, a minor."
"Scared you're gonna get in trouble because I tell you about it?"
"Not at all." she said with no emotion, thinking to herself, 'Keeping your sorry ass out of trouble...'


Already, it had been three years. Three years since Fullmetal and Flame met, insatntly fell for one another, despite that one thing called age difference, and began their process called a relationship. Al never seemed to mind the idea, and anyone who was friends with Roy didn't dare protest. There were, of course, ups and downs. Roy could never forget their first time having sex. It seemed so awkward for Edward, him being so young, but so eager to impress his superior, like the love part of them didn't matter; he wanted to do it, just so he could walk around saying he did it. The first time was like a lesson. Roy taught Edward what he wanted him to know ( a sex expert has to keep their secrets, y'know... ). Even though his body nearly careened into Ed's, forcing his cock against the blonde's sphincter and taking him all in one night, even though Edward told him to do it, goated him into doing it, he resisted ( Gate knows how... ). It suprisingly wasn't until the seventh time that he let loose and tried it, but didn't make it all the way in Ed's passage before the young Fullmetal simply fainted, his head flopping on to the bed, smothering his face, suffocating him. Roy instantly pulled out of him and lifted his body from the sheets, fanning him as well as he could with his hand; there were no papers conveniently around.

One of the most memorable times, was the first night Edward gave him head. Roy was a nervous wreck the whole day, telling himself over and over that this night, he'd lose his dignity. But to his amazement, and delight, it was one of the best feelings he'd ever experienced. There wasn't one part of the night he didn't moan. Even in his SLEEP he made orgasmic noises, a stupid grin across his face as he dreamed.

One of the most perplexing parts of the relationship, though, was the issue of marriage. Roy was so scared that every night Ed would pop the question, since he wanted to be the one the propose. It's not like he'd feel bad, it would still be marrying the love of his life, but it would be a little disapointing. He knew in his heart that Edward was who he wanted, no one else. To others it seemed like they were just sex addicts looking for some way to stay collected during the day, but they both knew inside what they were realy like.


...One year, 2 months earlier....

Ed clashed his teeth together gasping and panting harder, sweat rolling down his forehead, strangled moans coming out of his mouth. The corner of his mouth was lined with sticky cum, his tongue insanely wanting to lick it off, but so much action with his body preventing his thought to it. Roy thrusted harder now, making a groan deep in his throat, repositioning the younger's legs on his shoulders, slipping in and out of him at a different angle, hitting Ed's prostate, making him choke and arch his back a little higher, pushing back into him, his pants starting to form into whines, then small cries.

Thank Gate the bed didn't creak. That would just be annoying.

Ed gripped the headboard of the bed, his wrists tied to it, so he figured he would try to use it to his advantage. Ed really didn't like the feeling of being tied up. It kind of scared him, but lately, everything had been about himself. Ed had to get this, or Ed had to do that, and there was nothing for Mustang. Mostly an empty seat at a dinner table every night. So if Roy wanted his kinks, Ed supposed that would be alright.

This time, was almost ridiculous. They had been going for two straight hours, no stops, not even to relube. Roy kept going from the moment Ed's tongue moved off the head of his cock, signifying his turn. It felt so right, but really....

Ed's heels pressed on Roy's back, his pants falling on his neck, sending shudders up the colonel's spine. He began to slow now, and not thrust so hard, until he came hard, letting out a strangled sound and panting himself, pulling out of Ed's body, letting it flop to the bed. Edward layed there, eyes barely open, his face drenched in sweat and tire settling all over. His body continued to tremble, as Roy placed one hand firmly on the bed, reaching up and untying Edward's wrists, his arms slipping down and shakily moving around Roy's shoulders until he had him in an embrace, his chest heaving, a slight wheeze in his breath.

"You're....alright....?" Roy asked, catching his own breath, staring at him tenderly. Ed managed a slight nod, pressing Roy down a little, until the charming man moved down, hugging Fullmetal's waist and resting his head on his lower stomach, shifting from the slight tickle at Ed's pubic hairs. His eyes closed, feeling Ed's body bend, his cheek resting on Roy's matted mop of a head, his eyes doing the same.

"I love you....I...don't....say it....enough...." Ed panted very quietly.

Roy looked up at him and leaned up, kissing his bruised ( from being bitten...damn kinks... ) lips, several small times, and at the last one, holding out before pulling back, looking at him with true eyes.

"I love you too....And you do say it enough....If I didn't know it...then I might complain."

Ed laughed, and Roy felt him laugh with his whole body, like he once did before he had so many worries to think about. Roy smiled, resting his head again, finally. The two fell asleep, almost instantly.


It was suprising how something so simple as water on your body made someone feel so relaxed. Ed always liked his showers scolding hot, and his muscles had no complaint. His head was leaned back, wet pleasure streaming down his neck, chest, and then to either of his legs. His balls didn't go unaccounted for, though; Ed made sure water went in that specific direction to make him shudder slightly, with a dazed and small smile on his face. Ed's head slowly tilted forward, letting water gush down his face, blinking it away from his eyes. He stared at his body, mainly his astranged figure. Why did he seem...thinner?

He couldn't recall, suddenly, the last time he'd eaten three meals a day, like an average person should. He almost never ate breakfast ( except, of course, in childhood ), lunch was a bigger meal of the day, and dinner...Well, alot of the times he simply forgot dinner existed. But he did enjoy it when Roy took him out for some. His older lover was so experienced in picking good spots to eat. He never failed to leave Ed bloated.

It was odd how thin he looked, a couple ribs even pressed on his skin, visible even more with water running over them. His eyes narrowed slightly as he simply stood there, watching; maybe hoping they would sink in, if he thought hard enough? Before he could trace his abs to his belly button, his body maleficiantly was forced into the tiled wall, the momentum of the shove so great, the dry wall beneath it had buckled, the rest of the fixture sinking in with Ed's form. Ed cried out, trying to grasp at his back, distress waving along his bones, but it couldn't be managed; Ed was ripped up from the rubble, held by his neck with a strong, and oddly enormous hand, and slammed back into the tiles, a new space of rubble created. Ed's body slipped down, his skin scraping along the way, until it flopped on to the slick surface of the tub itself, his cheek getting whipped with the shower water. He could barely lift his head, his body beggining to snap into shock, the flinching and random shuddering Ed made proving it. His pupils distended, moving up the muscular form of a Sinner, it's glowing purple eyes staring back, stabbing right through him. The homunculus' long, green hair slowly sagged from the moisture of the bathroom, ensuing him to force the other Sin into action.

The plump Gluttony stormed at him, and as weak as he felt, Ed didnt give up just yet. He rolled over the rubble, under the large sin, scrambling ( monkey-like ) along the slippery floor and running, anywhere he could go, to escape the invaders. Roy was getting home early today; a reassuring thought. He needed to stall these monsters.

Just thinking that sentence seemed impossible.


Mustang looked about the office, shuffling through papers and such to make sure he hadn't forgotten anything. One small thing, and he knew he was a dead man. Hawkeye would inflict upon him the worst thoughts imagineable. He motioned his hands to himself a little, signifying everything was done and he was ready to go. He slowly stepped out of the office, closing the door behind him and locking it with a small clicking noise. He pulled the key out, walking down the dull hallways of Central Headquarters, specifically the East Branch, passing on his way several officers, to which he nodded his hat when they saluted as always. He knew inside, though, that behind his back they insulted him...over and over.

Not like he cared.

He spun the keyring around his finger, his other hand covert in his pocket, sitting lazily. He stepped out of the large, off-white building, and down the many stairs in front of it. It was a gorgeous mid-day; the weather was perfect, the sky was a conformed blue, clouds blotched everywhere. Absolutely perfect. Roy looked up and smiled to himself, thoughts already going through his head of where to take Ed out, that is, if he felt up to it after this morning. His eyes moved down to the waiting car for him, it's body shaking slightly, just now turned on. He walked to it, going to open the door, but then looking down the street.

An older man was standing outside a shop, advertising his amazing flowers. Roy looked down at the rusty car handle, then let it go.

"I'm going to walk home today." he said suddenly, walking in the direction of the flower vender, looking at displayed flowers curiously. Though he wasn't paying much attention to him, the older man talked to him, on and on about the store's 'great deals'. Mustang straightened out, spotting a small bunch of vivid blue roses, looking at them blankly.

"I'll take those." he said, pointing at them and looking up at the aged man, who smiled and nodded, taking them up carefully and wrapping them, attatching a small fold out card on the end of a blue string. Roy looked down at it, smiling slightly. "Do you have a pen?"
"Yes, here."

It took only a moment, and the card was folded back to it's place, Roy holding the flowers tenderly in one arm, going in his other pocket for money. He payed the owner, and continued his walk home. It seemed like everyone was outside this day; honestly he didn't blame them, but it did get a little annoying when children kept running in front of him, nearly tripping him. He grumbled something to himself, somewhat regretting not having taken that comfortable car ride home. Oddly enough, he even spotted some waitresses he knew from a bar, flustering when they slithered about on him. He sighed, rushing himself out of the situation, saying he was in a dire emergency situation and had to leave as soon as possible. They seemed disappointed. He was saved.


Ed's sore back crashed into the bookcase behind him, a grunt escaping his throat. His head quickly turned seeing a book slip out of it's place. He looked twice, quickly ( or as quickly as he could move ) shifting over to the shelf's side, prying his fingers between it's back, and the wall, tipping the thick, wood form until it toppled over, smacking on to Gluttony's head, forcing him to the ground. Envy, on the other hand, was much too smart and brisk for that, already anticipating what would happen and going around it, leaping up and kicking the blonde to the wood floor.

Ed crawled along it, trying hard to stay focused, even with his vision blurring terribly. Envy stalked along with him, smirking down at him, and stepping over to his side, Fullmetal stopping, waiting for another kick to his abdomen to strike.

"What's the matter?" Envy said in a sappy, motherly tone, crouching sickly down, his spine bending far enough so he could look at Edward's beaten face. "Is my little pipsqueak tired?" he mused. Ed, of course, was not happy with this at all.
"WHO'D-" Before any sentence ( hell, even a word ) could get out, Envy's fist already came in contact with Ed's cheek, spreading the wide gash under his eye even further. The force pushed Ed's body along the floor a bit, and as Envy stood and neared him, the blonde cowered, discomfited, and barely able to anticipate the hard kick that slapped into his ribcage, knocking him on to his back. Ed's body, mostly his head and face were ensanguine, bruised, just simply torn apart. His eyes grew heavier and tired, his chest rising slower when a foot planted itself firmly on it, moving the weight around under it.
"You're seriously this tired...? Unbelievable." Envy snorted, leaning down, picking him up like his master did so many times, holding him bare to the house. Ed was so tired; his arms refused to work and try to free his constricted neck. He simply stared at him distressed. "I'll bet that flame colonel did it. Softened you up."

Again, no response, just a small choking noise, as Ed's eyes closed and his eyebrows furrowed.

The larger homunculus stomped into the room, looking at Ed curiously, his tongue already beginning to loll out laxly, but Envy glared down at him. He quickly hit the teen across the face, putting him into a fast unconcious state, his head falling back, body entirely limp. It was slung over Envy's shoulder only a second later, forcing Gluttony back into reality.

"You can't eat this one." he said, looking at the body, then back at his dumbfounded comrade. "This one we'll need alive."


Mustang bumped the door open with his hip, frowning a bit at the tiny pain it gave, but forgetting it almost instantly. He shifted so the door would close, and dropped his keys on the small dresser by the door. Roy shrugged off his coat, working it around his body and on to a hanger. He sighed, scratching his head, quickly eyeing the envelopes in his hand and then setting them down, picking up the flowers he'd set down for a second.

"Ed," he called out into the hallway. "I'm home! They let me off early, I couldn't believe it!"
No answer.

Roy tsked himself a little, just now thinking, 'what if he's asleep? You idiot...'. He slowly went down the hall, tracing his finger playfully along the wall, looking down at the floor, spotting something quite out of the ordinary.

A book.

"Maybe he is up..." he mumbled to himself, looking back, but then continuing to the doorway.

Dropping almost instantly the blue flowers to the floor, Roy hadn't even noticed his hand gave way to opening. He stared, mouth slightly gaping at the mess of a house in front of him. Parts of the walls had been bashed in, it seemed, book shelves knocked over, and water was everywhere. He was stuck in the moment, looking at everything.


"Oh god, Ed!" he suddenly said loudly, looking around more frantically, racing over to the bathroom, nearly falling over the piles of chaos everywhere. He did slip, however, on the water in the bathroom, his head jerking up to meet an empty tub, and a ruined tile wall. He jumped up, moving quickly through seperate rooms, panicking, screaming, begging for his lover, never appreciating his name so much like he did now. He finally fell, stopping himself, looking around, just sitting on his knees, absolutely no idea of what to do. He just sat and cried, looking at nothing.

Ironic, that the nothing he was staring at was in the exact same spot that Edward had watched for twenty minutes, earlier.


Oh, Gate, why was having a body so painful?

Bright, yet dull at the same time, golden eyes slid open slowly, glazed over and partially bloodshot, shifting a bit, and blinking to try and refocus surroundings. Even blinking hurt.

'Right....that gash under my eye....'

It took a good long while for Edward to actually 'wake up' and begin to even contemplate where in the hell he was. He glanced up, already his vision swimming again. He moaned at the nauseating feeling, though it was muffled from a dirty, dry gag pulled tight in his mouth and around to the back of his head, tied in a double knot. Part of it was soaked in his own blood, and the smell of it was indescribably disgusting. He choked a bit on the cloth, trying to work it with his teeth, but it was too thick to do anything with, so he gave up.

Ed could tell his metal limbs were unuseable as well, seeing he could not feel either one of them. But it struck him odd that he couldn't feel his fles hand much either. It tingled, but that was just about it. The entire room was sufficiently dark, so seeing anything was a task in itself. Pain started striking his flesh arm, ropes wrapped around them, pulling them behind his back, entwining his wrists in the mess as well. His cold metal arm was pressed firmly against his flesh one, tied together in a strange, and torturing position. It was then he felt his legs bent at the knees, pulled back and tied together against each other. The small rope holding his feet back was attatched to the bindings on his arms, keeping him stiff, until he found the energy to struggle. Ed looked down, focusing on his legs, to see them better, and barely made out more ropes around the upper portions of them. His knees were bound, and ropes ran between both regions between his crotch and upper legs ( which, honestly, scared the crap out of him ). When he tried moving, even a tiny bit, the most abnormal feeling ran from that space, down his legs and into his throat, making him fluster and barely manage a stifled whine. Despite his sound, this was anything BUT pleasureable.

A loud clank came from somwhere in the room, making his body jump and look around. His eyes turned to where the first sign of light came from, squeezing them into a narrowing look, trying to see the figure in the doorway. Again, the feeling, from movement, went through his body, but he choked down his sound, watching as the shaded figure came closer to him. He looked up at it, horrified, yet relieved to see his colonel's dark face. He made suppressed noises through the gag in his mouth, trying so hard to get through to him, wiggling his body a little, not wanting that strange feeling again. Roy simply watched him, a sad look in his eyes. Ed tried again, watching him begin to get emotional and then turn and walk the other way.

Edward started crying, without knowing it, crying out louder for him, sniveling and watching him slam the door shut, the dark washing over him again. He sobbed brokenly, watching that spot, that nothingness, waiting for that door to open, begging for this all to be some sick joke ( he knew Roy had some odd sense of humor ), but that was all he got from staring at it.



Roy shut the door behind him, sighing, but then chuckling. His skin started to dissolve away, his hair growing longer, and turning into a fresh, green color, his skin darkening a bit, until he was entirely replaced by his normal appearance. Envy interlocked his fingers, holding them out and cracking them, doing the same to his neck, when he tilted his head around.

"This is all too simple. " he said in his defined, womanly voice. Lust stood before him, arms crossed in their usual manner, two claws outstretched, scraping against each other.
"Soon we'll have what we want...so you say." she said in a monotone voice, staring at him with dull, orchid colored eyes. Envy smiled as only he could, back at her stare.
"What, you don't trust me?"
"I don't trust anyone, in case you haven't figured as much out." she said, looking aside, like the conversation was annoying to her.

Envy raised an eyebrow, looking at her for a while until he sighed aloud, placing his hands on his hips, leaning more of his weight down on his left leg, smirking, seeming very enthusiastic suddenly, and eyeing the door. His eyes were dark, but flashing with desire.

"So...Who wants to give him piercings?"

OmAkE!!!! Gotta love it! XDD

Edo: *watches shower water go down his legs.* Hey now...
Water: Haha! We missed your balls on purpose! >D
Edo: Oh no you don't...*swishes body around* D-Damnit! I will have satisfaction!
Water: EH!!! NUUUUU!!!

im sorry ._. ( XDDD )

hope you all liked it ^^ comment n let me know? : D depending on how well this lil series goes, i might just do art for it >_O (omake art? wooo! XD)

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