Alice the Microfleece Sock Puppet (maliciouslibel) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Alice the Microfleece Sock Puppet

Seiyuu Question

I've seen Ed's voice actress, Paku Romi, and Sunao Tamami listed for some of the same parts on some Web sites. Also, when I heard Hitsugaya from "Bleach," I was all, "ZOMG Paku Romi!!1" But when I checked online, his seiyuu was listed as Sunao Tamami. Are they the same person, or do they just sound really similar? 0_o; I know that in the last several years, being Korean has become slightly more "cool" in Japan, so I thought maybe she previously went by a Japanese name and changed it to a Korean name later. Or something. Enlighten me?
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