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Fanart: TallEd!Envy

Me again. This time not with messeduptimeline!fic, but fanart. Just hope I at least succeed somewhat at drawing crack >>;. Credit for the idea to daikirai. OMGTHANKYOUSOMUCH.

Media: Ink, PS7
Time: .....I'd say around five hours, including the coloration.
Note: 20 cm should be around 7,8 inches, 30 around 11,8. Said the internet converter thingies.

First, the orignal b/w version.

Now the colored one.

Yeah, I probably messed up the proportions somewhere along the line and went sloppy with the shading in the end, the victim of my sloppiness being mainly the coat. Also, a little Germanism in there >>;. Besides the cm thing. I hope you like it anyway. ^^;
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