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Why was he there?

A strange theory that just appeared in my head...

Someone once said (don't really remember who) that FMA was the only series capable of making you roll on the floor with laughter and then, next thing you know, the series is dancing on your hearth and laughing at YOU.

Right now, FMA is stabbing my hearth with a sharp knife... and twisting it.

Anyway.... ehem... after watching the episode three times I noticed something.

The start of the episode shows Roy researching and maybe about to try human transmutation. We are not given a specific time, but I guess is safe to assume this is before (maybe some years) he met the Elric brothers. Now, where did Ed get most of the information on human transmutation?

His father's notes.

When Roy appears he has one of the letters Ed and Al sent. It's addressed to " James Herbert". And yet Roy says: "I've received this letter". He also says that "we" (meaning the military) is searching for their father. In twenty five chapters he is the ONLY one who has ever mentioned Hohenheim.

And..."... I have more interest in him than in his father."

My theory is that Roy was not sent to Rizembul. He chose to, and made sure someone else didn't get that letter. Because he was interested /knew something abut Ed's father. And it must have been a pretty good reason to make him enter *that* house.

Roy cares about the Elric brothers (if someone wasn't aware of it, I think the end of episode 25 left it pretty clear). But he keeps things from everyone. And now that Hughes isn't around to help let's pray nothing happens to Hawkeye...

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