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3 FMA icons for you! 2 with crack! XD and more icons

(posted in my journal, all_for_bleach, and FM_alchemist)
I've only started making icons but woot! It's fun! Here's what I've made so far!
Total Icons:13
FMA icons: 3 (2 are crack XD)
Bleach icons:8 (7 Yachiru, 1 Rukia)
Tsubasa Chronicles:1
Inuyasha crack:1
Take your time to read some of them,they're pretty funny.


Yachiru from Bleach:
8.9.10.Image hosted by TinyPic.com11.Image hosted by
Rukia from Bleach: Inuyasha Crack: Tsubasa Chronicles:
12.Image hosted by TinyPic.com13.Image hosted by TinyPic.com14.Image hosted by

Please credit if you use them. Comments lurved ^_^

Notes on the FMA Icons: 1.This one here may be WAY TOO big to use as an icon, but that's FMA crack for you (496kb)... It all came from making fun of Robin, XD Even though he's cool and all.
2.another picture full of crack just for you... Haven't put batman in there yet saying WTF XD.. Expect that soon XD..
3. I love Wrath so I had to make some kind of icon. I have to put together the clapping one again that I have for my deviantart. Check it out when u have the chance:
Notes about Yachiru icons: I LURVE YACHIRU!! XD I'm SO COSPLAYING HER! XD
4. This was my reaction through out most of the day and LOOK! It's ANIMATED!
5. Is actually a mistake, pretend it's not there. XD Tinypic shrunk it..
6. This is the full size.. it's a little too big, 261kb >_< damn...
7.My first animated Yachiru Icon.
8&9: Making Yachiru laugh was friggin awesome to accomplish XD it was a pain now ENJOY MY PAIN!! CREDIT ME!! XD lol
10. Is my absolute favorite, based on my background up right now ^_^
11.I'm going to mess with this one a little bit, picture wise and stuff.
Notes on Rukia:
12.Spread the Rukia love!XD Come on! She's awesome too!
Notes on inuyasha crack:
13And just because I thought that that was the funniest Inuyasha crack I ever saw
"I feel pretty, oh so pretty..."
Notes on Tsubasa Chronicle icon:
14.(this is 97x 97 but that's ok XD)

Hope you enjoyed them ^_^
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