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02 November 2005 @ 05:45 pm
Lost in Mangaverse  

I promised a fanart, didn't I?  Poor anime!Ed's stuck in mangaverse, and it looks like he's having trouble...

Inspired by kiida_ne !

I like how anime!Ed came out, but manga!Ed gave me loads of trouble, you wouldn't believe it.  I guess he was mad at me or something -_-. 

[Edit] fixed image problem ^_^U
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Tobyt3h_toby_chan on November 3rd, 2005 10:56 pm (UTC)
Ah yes. The greeds on the sidelines. (There's not much difference in the Greed department...)

Manga!Greed: Beat the ugly little B!^#; S/He deserves it!
Anime!Greed: Hey, who are you?
Manga Greed: I'm Greed.
Anime!Greed: What a coincidence. So am I.
Manga!Greed: You're pretty good looking, if I may say so myself.
Anime!Greed: Why thank you. So are you.
Anime!Greed: Whaddya say to some hot steamy man sex?
Manga!Greed: Sure.
(Deleted comment)
Tobyt3h_toby_chan on November 4th, 2005 12:40 am (UTC)
Anime!Envy: Well at least I know I'm a *man*!
Manga!Envy: We're a man? *Looks down skirt*
Anime!Envy: *Dropkicks*

(XD Somebody *needs* to make a doujin.)