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Fic [Russel/Alphonse]

Fic: First time (not exactly what you think)
Pairing: Alphonse/Russel, hints of Ed/fletcher ^_~
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: anything that goes with the rating ^^
Summary: Russel and Alphonse just happened to be at home together, and Russ just happened to over hear that Al had never experienced a blowjob before.

Alphonse and Russel had been dating for awhile now, everyone guessed it was to be expected that the four brothers would couple up. Alphonse and Edward had just recently moved into the Tringham's house in Xenotime.

Edward and Fletcher went out on a date, which consisted of taking a walk around town and going to the market to buy dinner. Of course Ed was reluctant to go, but Fletcher soon persuaded him to go. Which ,surprisingly, only involved nefarious winking and groping.

Russel and Al were more than pleased though. They had the house to themselves, to do whatever they wanted. It just happened to come to Russel's attention that Al had never had a blowjob before.

He shoved Al so he fell against the bed then pulled his shirt off over his head and unbuttoned his pants. Immediately jumping on the bed after him.

He straddled Al's waist.

Both kissed each other hungrily. Russ kissed Al's neck and nipped at his collar bone, before repositioning himself in between his legs, but more specifically, so that Russel's cheek was against Al's knee.

Russel ran his tongue over the back of Al's knee as he held it up. He slowly etched lower, dragging his tongue down along Al's inner thigh. Alphonse let out a trembling sigh. Russel could feel his knees shake on either side of him. It was after all, Al's first blowjob. But none-the-less Russel still insisted on going at his own rate. If Alphonse lasted long enough, Russ knew he wouldn't be sorry.

Alphonse's knees trembling only encouraged Russ to hold them tighter and start sucking the flesh around his cock.

"You like that?." Russel asked in a deep tone, breathing a warm sigh over his length.

Al let out a surprised moan, which quickly turned into a deep heavy sigh. He closed his eyes and tilted his head back as Russel began to take him.

Russel let out another hot breath over Al's cock, making him gasp again. Then he ran his tongue from the base to the tip of his length.

The smell was intoxicating. Musky, yet soothing. Russ mouthed Al's cock before switching to a bobbing motion.

Russ loved the way Al sighed and moaned. The way Al smelled and how warm and soft his skin was. All these at once could drive anyone over the edge, but Russ had him. Absolutely had him. They owned each other, no one could change that.

And even though his own cock was hard and dripping with precum, giving Al this much pleasure was enough for him.

"Ahhh! eh-RUSS!" Alphonse cried out as he came. "Oh god Russ...Russ.."

Russel swallowed, then leaned over and fell beside Al. Still panting, Al turned to face him and stroked his cheek.

"Oh god was amazing.." Al smiled at Russel.

"I'll keep this in mind next time we take a shower together." Al winked.

"And since we're so dirty," Al whispered into Russel's ear. "why don't we take a bath now?"


heh, yeah..XD

yes this is my first time posting in this community, but I'm not new to LJ. I have done many Fics before this =D
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