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Just in case you don't stalk your local bookstore...(hey, I don't stalk, I work there!)

I'll give you the lovely update. :) I had the joy of putting on the shelves today not only Volume 4 of the English translated FMA...but also The Art of Fullmetal Alchemist. I've had my own copy on reserve for months, but felt like it was Christmas when I opened the carton containing them. They're the same book that has previously been released in Japan (and I had downloaded the images some time ago), but it's an amazing looking book. Hardcover, no flimsy dustjacket, actually printed right to left (unlike several of the manga artbooks we've gotten in recently) and just oh so pretty. Please, join me in the droolage. :)

And, sometime this month they'll be releasing boxed sets for the manga which contain a figurine of Ed or Al (depending on which you buy) and I think it contains Vol 4.
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