The Cori (ex_mikazuki336) wrote in fm_alchemist,
The Cori

Hello! I'm pretty new to the world of FMA.. relatively speaking. I saw the first 8 episodes worth quite some time ago, but didn't fall in love with it until I saw the next 4. I've only seen 20 total.. which.. is driving me mad since I'm obviously waiting to see them on DVD. Because I want to know what happens, without being spoiled.. and arrgghh.. how'm I supposed to wait. XD

Anyway, I finished my first fanart of my fav character, thought I'd put it up here so this isn't just a pointless introduction. :P

There are at least a million things wrong with it, and I'm not the best artist, but I think it turned out okay. It's only the first, there's time for improvement. :P I hope to have more.. probably shortly. I AM a little obsessed. *snort*

It is nice to "meet" you all! *bows*
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