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I'll try to organize my thoughts.

1. That flash back was just like we all imagined, wasn't it? Roy spills his secret, Hughes says he'll support him. He doesn't really look surprised or anything. Just, 'Roy needs help, I give help'. Gruffy/exhausted Roy is so cute. :)

2. The teacher sounds so scary. I did giggle at what they said. But it kinda kills the whole Al and Winry thing at this point. Because Al wouldn't tell a lie. Mn, maybe Al's just not aware of his love for her. Yea, that's it.

3. Wonder if the Fuhrer is aware of what Juliet's doing? He's a very tricky bastard and I'm at a loss to figure him out. I wonder about this regardless of the spoiler thing.

4. Scar's arm, sickly predictable. The teacher's wise. Poor Scar. I still don't like him for almost killing Ed though.

5.Hughes is such a sensitive and caring man. Although the bookworm lady surely didn't understand she was being fired to be safer. And he didn't tell Roy about some stuff because he thought he already had enough on his mind. And the thing about Roy not being able to take calm decisions about the Eldric brothers? Sounds like Roy cares a little too much about them(helovesEdtoomuch) or something.

6.Bleeding and twitching Envy is still a damn pleasant sight. Dying Hughes isn't any easier on you the second time.

7. Elysia-chan...she breaks your heart more surely than the death scene itself. ;_; Roy looks so pale, like he's about to faint or something. I felt like hugging Armstrong and crying with him. But then again we recall what happened to Ed when he got a Armstrong hug.

8. Aw, Roy was thinking about bringing back Hughes. It's love! Well anyway they were without doubts great friends. Good thing Roy's a little wiser than Ed. Or maybe he isn't, but the Eldrics provid a good example of why it wouldn't be a good idea to try. And he cried. ;_; Oh wait, my bad, it was rainning. Just on him though. How odd.

9.Somehow I find it wrong that Ed would be the one to see Hughes' ghost. I find that it would be way more logical for Al to see him.

10. Is it me or the preview gives the odd feeling that Winry is going to confess her love for Ed? *frown*

Any other meaningful point I missed?

Too much stuff for one ep. They should have made it in two. The intensity blinds you.

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