Imagination at it's finest (dragontrap) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Imagination at it's finest

Hagaren Halloween Pics

And boy did I have some fun yesterday dressed up like Ed in glasses (And I have the pictures to prove it XD)

Sneek Preview:

Ed: "It's too early to be in class yet..."

Somebody got caught reading even before the rest of the class showed up

Someone: "Hey Ed, what time is it?"
Ed: "Time to kick some ass"

The unfinished scythe (The thing is over 3 feet long and has 32oz of glue on the foam... So it's REALLY hard, and does hurt when you hit someone with it)

(Taken simply so you can see the back of the belt)

Uh oh, Ed got caught working in the Mac lab

Ed: "Honestly, do you HAVE to take more pictures? I'm trying to work..."

Now it's time to... play on the rocks

Oops almost fell that time

"I'm gonna get ya!"

King of the world and about to alcemize your ass!

"Hey at least I'm taller than you are!" (Man I really look short/small at hell in this image)

Come on Ed, work it for the camera (My prof who took the pic actually said that too XD)

(This is an older pic from Aug, but it shows you the back of the coat)

"Hey I thought I said no more pictures!?"

"Gimme that camera!!" (This is one freaky ass shot O.o)

"Reaching towards my goals.."(I am in absolute LOVE with how this shot came out)

Awww, poor Ed, he fell sleep after a long day...

And now for some Plushie fun:

"GAH! It's the attack of the 50 foot rat! It's killing Mame!Ed!" (That's my little cutie Millik)

Millik: "Where'd he go?"
It seems Mame!Ed escaped without really getting hurt

Uh oh.... Mame!Ed and Drunken!Ed are looking at Yaoi doujin..

Me: "Gasp! Drunken!Ed where are your clothes!?"
D!Ed: "What? It's hot in here..."

My Ed's... As you can see I only own one that I bought and made the rest (Mug not pictured cause I forgot)

Woo! Yay for the Pissed chibi hat XD

Ok that's enough out of me. Hope you enjoyed all of the silly little pics
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