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Fanfic: "Ten years later"

I wrote a fanfic. Beware me. It’s RoyxEd and its Pg-14.

Now before you go along... listen. I know it’s good to read NC-17. Yes I read it too. And I enjoy reading it. But there are times you are like .. Oh damn guys?!!? What IS THIS??? Everybody writing only NC-17 or harder? oO

What happened? We made a race who can write the most perverted fic of them all? Possible, since we are humans.. yes. Not like it would be a bad thing.

So the story goes that I wanted to read something nice... and I couldn't find anything only NC-17 or ‘will get NC-17 later’ blah blah blah.

I wanted to find a fic which wasn't too complex... and wasn't just an excuse to get this character and that character to make out. And no, please don't take this on your heart, really. Because lucky hardly any fics out there like that... (I mean on LJ not is scary) I was just momentally pissed.

So what did Cofie do? She wrote a fic. ( omg run for your life ) XDD hahaha

The other thing was I wanted a story when sex was written as the thing love. To really make it as if they did it because they loved each-other and not because they wanted the other to have great smex, and have an orgy he/she will remember until the end of his/her life.

. . .

=.= *blink-blink* ...if you know what I mean.

Ah, whatever. Reading and leaving comment is appreciated ^^

Title: Ten years later
Rating: PG-14
Pairing: Roy/Ed (and Al/Win)
Genre: Fluff (very much Fluff)
Spoiler: None.
Full Lenght: around 6800 words

This is a cut to my own journal don't be scared.
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