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Drabblet: Clothes shopping with Gluttony

Title: Clothes Shopping with Gluttony
Rating: PG
Characters: Lust, Gluttony, Envy, Wrath
Summary: Gluttony gets hungry while shopping.
Notes: It's crack, it has no purpose...just enjoy.


The sales lady stared at the dressing room, shaking her head. "I don't understand this. Merchandise goes into the fitting room with a hanger. Merchandise ends up on the floor in a ball. There are no hangers anywhere." She threw a t-shirt against a wall, frustration of a long day and too many rude and weird customers building up. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU PEOPLE DO WITH THE DAMN HANGERS? I understand your son is wearing husky sizes, but really, that's no excuse for him to eat the damn hangers."

Two hours earlier, four young adults dressed in black had visited the store, starting the entire chain of events.

"Why do we even need to be here?" Envy asked, leaning against the rack of clothes, watching as Gluttony chewed on a sleeveless red tank top before rolling his eyes up to Lust for an awnser to his question.

"Gluttony needs new clothes, his saliva keeps dripping on his own. It's not like our clothes just magically appear."

Envy blinked at her before pointing at Wrath whom was currently hanging upside down from an empty rack. "I didn't pull those out of my ass."

Lust ignored Envy and went back to sorting through the rack of black T-shirt, holding one up to Gluttony whom blinked absently before shaking her head and trying another. This routine continued long enough for Envy to get bored out of his mind and drag Wrath out of the store to go terrorize the school girls who kept pointing and giggling at them.

Once Lust was satisfied she had a decent selection of all black t-shirts, about an hour later, she shooed Gluttony towards the dressing room, hanging up the shirts and closing the door before taking a seat across from the room and flipping through a magazine left behind.

It took a few minutes but Gluttony finally emerged with a handful off black shirts, the rest left on the floor. He wondered off to go eat/look for a pair of new pants while lust went to grab the discarded t-shirts. She looked around, turning in a slow circle, trying to find the hangers in the small, small cubicle before shrugging and dropping the shirts back onto the floor.

“Maybe they won’t notice…”


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