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Fic Search

Hallo all ^^;

I'm searching for a fic that I read a while ago but never finished because I had to run or something. It's not a hughesxroy per se, it's more like a hughes + roy friendship kind of thing, but erm... yeah.

So it's anime-based, and Roy has just come home from Ishvalle. Worried!Hughes makes him stay at his place to keep an eye on him. It's very fuzzy in my memory, but Roy seems to be doing just fine [or as fine as one can expect him to be] when Hughes discovers that Roy's not been able to sleep without having nightmares, anf the only way Hughes missed it is that Roy's been doing something akin to gagging himself at night... *scratches head* Then I don't know what happens because... well, I had to leave the PC. I checked FicWad and The Pit, but I just can't find it.

I know... it's not very detailed. But say something if it rings a bell... please?

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