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It's been mentioned before, but I love this game.

Ok, got my version of the Gameboy Advance GBA game. It's all in Japanese, but by the God's that isn't stopping me playing it.

Plotwise it seems to follow the plot of the game pretty closely, at least so far, so it's not gonna be hard for us to follow it. The world is displayed top-down, like an FF game (no surprise there).

Combat works like any RPG, with attacks, items, etc. Instead of magic you transmute wepons by collected elements like iron etc and combining them in battle. When you successfully transmute something it shows an animation of Ed/Al clapping his hands together or whatever, and the cannon/blade/whatever attacks it. it's all done by hit points and stuff.

Anyway, long story short, it owns, and owns badly. If you like FF games or anything like them then you'll love this. I'd be willing to bet later in the game you get the Philosophers Stone, and all the stuff that follows. >:D

rom: http://tartarus.rpgclassics.com/~mmbn3/Random/Full_Metal_Alchemist.zip

Should work now. I can only keep it here for about a week though, so get it fast. ^^



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