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AAAHHH I WAS RIGHT I WAS RIGHT I KNEW IT! Scar's arm? Isn't really his at all; it's his older brother's.

And oh man... when Hughes said "Papa's still got a lot of work to do, so I'm off!" to Elysia when she's in bed... and when Glacier told him to be careful... I just got this awful feeling in the pit of my stomach. ;_;

Hughes' speech can be rather difficult to understand, so I missed a LOT of the dialogue from this ep, sadly. And yes, Juliette Douglas (the secretary) is Sloth; Lust addresses her as such.

There were no end credits as usual... all of the end credits were flashed during Hughes' funeral. ;_; Ed seeing the phantom image of Hughes waving just... waaaaahhhhhh!

A few quotes from the episode...

"Nice to meet you... or perhaps 'goodbye' is better?" -- Lust

"Papa's still got a lot of work to do, so I'm off!" -- Hughes to a sleeping Elysia

"I will become the Fuhrer, and change the way this country exists. That's the one thing I can do." -- Roy, in the flashback
"In order to do that, you'll need people who will support you. I'll help you out there." -- Hughes (not sure if this line is entirely accurate; I was kinda crying at the time ^^;; )

"Mama, why? Why are they burying Papa? Hey, everyone, why are you burying Papa? Why? Papa has to do his job! Mama, make them stop! He said he had a lot of things to do!" -- Elysia, at the funeral. (I started to BAWL. ;_; That was just heartbreaking.)

Next episode-- "Kanojo no Riyuu," or "Her Reason." Looks to be a Winry-centric ep from the looks of it...

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