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Would someone be the beta-reader of my fanfiction?

So ... I wanted to ask if someone would like to be beta-reader for my fanfiction?

I don't really know how many words it has, but I think it's not really that much. It's a Roy/Ed story, completely without angst. If focuses on Ed's side of the matter, about raging hormones and a slightly whore-like Roy +coughs+.

Here a small teaser, so that you know what it's like:
>>Roys words alone had crept up the back of Ed’s spine, over the collar to dance along the neck of his shirt. It was only a matter of time before Roy’s voice started doing indecent things to Ed in public.<<

I would be really really happy if someone would beta this story for me, because it is my very first FmA-Fanfiction so far.


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