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< Fic/Drabble: In Jealousy >

Title: In Jealousy

Rating: Pg-13ish I guess..

Pairings: Implied RoyxEd, RoyxAl

Beta done by: No one yet, so its still choppy!

I just want it known that I will always hold true to the fact that I think Alphonse would make the perfect insane villian. x3

Got the idea for this from a type
thing retsumatsuro and I did. ^-^ I love my Al.


“I’m not sure what I did. We’ve never fought like that. And then he
just left, walked out. I haven’t seen him since.” Slumping down into
one of the faded red armchairs, Roy ran a single hand through his hair,
holding his glass of water tightly. He was really broken up by this,
anyone could see that.

For someone so strong willed and composed, Roy Mustang was an absolute mess.

Honey colored eyes flashed a bit, a secret dancing in their depths as
the other occupant of the room stood and moved over to kneel in front
of the military officer, hands resting on Roy’s knees.

“Roy-san, don’t take it out on yourself.” Alphonse murmured, head
tilting just a bit. “Niisan..niisan can be heartless sometimes. He
doesn’t think things through to well.”

Gazes meeting, Roy shivered and let his hand drop, staring at the younger Elric.

“Was it something I did? Am I just too dull for him? I don’t understand
what it is that changed!” Now the man sounded slightly hysterical.


Inside, Alphonse wanted to smirk at this victory, but the game must be
played. Sitting up a bit on his knees, the blonde gently cupped Roy’s
face in his hands, eyes just as soft as the line of his  mouth.

“No, its not you Roy-san. It’s niisan. He just doesn’t realize how good
he has it. He can’t stand to be tied down, and he gets bored easily.”
Shaking his head, Alphonse leaned up to lightly kiss Roy’s forehead.

Dark eyes widened a bit and narrowed the slightest, looking at the boy.

“Alphonse what..”

His words were cut off by a kiss, Alphonse pressing his lips against
Roy’s without hesitation. Roy’s body was stiff, staring at the boy in
shock but for some reason the tension drained from his shoulders and he
returned the kiss the slightest bit, a shiver running through him as
Alphonse pulled away, lips only a breath apart.

“Its not you Roy-san. You are perfect.”

Dark eyes bore into honey colored for a long moment, a torrent of
emotions filling Roy’s eyes before he closed the distance between them,
kissing the younger Elric once more, his water glass hitting the floor
unnoticed as he wrapped his arms around Alphonse.

Inside, Alphonse wanted to smirk.

I win, niisan.

Please be gentle! I know there are a lot of mistakes, shh. xP Just wanted to see what everyone thought. ^-^

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