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Title: De Metalen Opera (chapter 5)
Pairing: Suicide x Betrayal (homunculus ed and homunculus roy)
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: i dont own fma laadeedaa
Warnings: maybe a bit more fluff? ._. spoilers from eps 44 and on

The whole tree shook as Al leaned his weight on it frustrated. He was late.

"Hey!" a sudden whisper. Al looked into the brush, spotting Suicide poking his head out, waving his claws a little.
"Brother! There you are!"
"Sssh! Come with me!"
"W-where are we going?"
"I cant be out this far into the field...we have to move in a little." he said motioning for Al to follow.

Al pushed past brush and tall grass, every once ina while, blades of it getting caught between his arms. When Suicide finally stopped and plopped on to the ground, Al ripped out the grass, and then sat. Suicide rubbed his neck, careful not to cut himself.

"Sorry, I dont want to get into trouble." he said kind of embarassed.
"Oh no, thats alright." Al replied, tossing the grass to the side. "Where we you yesterday?"
"Yesterday...." Somehow, Suicide couldn't remember what he did the day before, or what happened to him. "I'm....not entirely sure." he said blankly.
"Not sure?"
Suicide shrugged, shaking his head. "I just dont remember."

Al found this strange, but didnt say anything about it.

Footsteps in the grass made him turn his gaze, and Suicide's as well.
"Ah, Betrayal? What're you doing h-"
"I came to take you home."
"Miss Dante made dinner. She wanted you to come home with me." he said sternly.
"Oh....Alright." He stood up, once again having to leave Al.

Alphonse sat in pure astonishment after seeing Betrayal, just barely being able to wave back to Suicide.
"It.....it's Roy.....That was Mustang...."


"A sin?" Riza asked perking up as she heard what Al said.
"Yeah, and I think Colonel Mustang may have been turned into one too." he replied nodding.
"But.....but how? Riza said in disbelief. "I mean, he didnt die did he?"
"Apparently. Ed told me that his new form is called Betrayal."
Riza didnt want to believe it, but at least he was alive.


Suicide shivered from the cold of the night and the roof tiles. He shook all over, head to toe, his body freezing, especially his arms.His coat was pulled tight around him, but it was thin and not really good for keeping warm. He scratched his nail along a tile, making a tiny screeching noise, but suddenly a purple spark came up and he held a ball of energy in his hand. He rolled it along his fingers, little flares of it rolling around them and then decintegrating into the air.

Betrayal watched him from afar, wanting to go and say something to him, but Envy was crouched right next to him. He smirked, yanking off a tile from the roof. Suicide turned at the noise, only to fall back from being hit by the tile.

Envy laughed, rolling on to his side, seeing that the tile he threw hit Suicide right in his forehead. Suicide moaned, sitting up, rubbing his forehead and shaking it off. Betrayal went over to him pushing him up to sit.

"Are you alright?" he asked blankly.
"Yeah...kinda hurts..." Suicide replied innocently.
Envy laughed histarically. "You-hahaha- you looked like such an idiot!" And the laughing went on.
Betrayal shook his head at Envy and then helped Suicide up.
"Let's go inside okay?" He said sympathetically, to which Suicide just nodded and stood up.
Envy growled. "Oh come on! You ruin all the fun!" he yelled at Betrayal.

Betrayal glared at him.

"What you think is fun may not be to other people. Think about it."

Suicide looked back at Envy who rolled his eyes, standing up and jumping off the roof, landing swiftly on the ground. He scratched his head, frustrated that Betrayal always defended Suicide. Just the fact of who Suicide once was made Envy furious, but also that he was constantly protected made him feel even more angry.

He never got that kind of attention, from Hohenheim or Dante. He roughly kicked the dirt under his feet, storming off. He headed in his own direction, trying to find something to do. If he didnt, he'd be useless.


yay~ end of that chapter. kinda boring, ne? sorry T_T it'll pick up soon!


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