Madi (animeprincess01) wrote in fm_alchemist,

This is my first post and also...I come bearing crackish songs. I made up these songs when I was really hyper and for some reason, wanted to share them.(They aren't meant to be hurtful, just funny)

The first song is about Wrath

Wrath Wrath Wrath probably never ever took a bath bath bath
Probably why his hair hair hair os ferocious like a bear bear bear
Before he was so doofy doofy doofy maybe that's why we call him Moofy Moofy Moofy

That's all for that song.

The second one is about FMA fanfiction

When the crack comes back in your mind to attack
And the plot bunnies come back into the mind with the funnies
There is only one explanation for this
No more FMA fanfiction writers block!

That's it for that song. Yes, I know they're stupid but funny!

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