pretty much the nostalgia chick (vikki) wrote in fm_alchemist,
pretty much the nostalgia chick


gaaaaaah. I can't believe I wrote this.

by vikki

Pairing: Hohenhiem/Ed
Summary: Manga-based. After Pinako goes to bed, Hohenhiem goes to Edward's room.
Warnings: SQUICK SQUICK SQUICK. Non-con, incest, NC-17, PWP, mindfuckery.

notes: no writer composes in a vacuum. I had a lot of people help me out with this, with concrit and just encouragement. especial thanks goes to azremodehar, velvet_mace, devils_devotion and hime1999. Thank you, guys. =D

( "I know you're awake, Edward." )

Er, enjoy. ^^;

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