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Title: De Metalen Opera (chapter 4)
Pairings: Betrayal x Suicide (homonculus roy and homunculus ed)
Rating: PG, perhaps PG-13
Disclaimner: I dont own fma....T_T
Warnings: Spoilers from eps 44 and on, a lil more fluff >_<

Huddled in the corner of his room, Betrayal looked out his window at the sky, completely silent, as he did often. Somehow it passed the time. From his doorway, two slim purple eyes blinked as they watched him.

"What's he looking at?" a tiny voice asked from behind Greed. Greed jumped, shushing the small boy.
"Sssh!!! We're supposed to be undercover here kid!" Greed hissed.
"Oh...Sorry!" Wrath whispered back, shrinking a bit. Greed shook his head, looking back in the doorway, finding a single purple eye not an inch from his, staring back at him. Greed jumped, nearly falling back on Wrath as he backed away from the door. Betrayal slid his head out.
"Can I help you?" he asked in his monotone voice.
"Uh.....hehehe.....no, we were just....uh....passing by.....so uh.....we'll be on our way!" Greed replied quickly nudging Wrath along as he sprinted away with him. "Sheesh, that guy's odd."

Betrayal caught a bit of the comment and simply walked back into his room, closing the door. He slinked back over to his original sitting spot, plopping down and sighing.

"Why so glum?"

Betrayal jumped at the sudden voice, his head jerking to his side, where Suicide suddenly was. It was so pathetic to look at, seeing him squished between Betrayal and the wall. But how could he have known he was there? He jumped back, giving Suicide some room.

"I- Im sorry! I didn't know you were there." he said, but Suicide shrugged.
"Meh, it happens." he said cheerfully. "So? Why so glum?
"I'm....not glum...." he said a bit confused.
"Oh. Well you certainly look it." Suicide said as he suddenly curled up against Betrayal, leaning his head on his bulky arm. Betrayal felt himself grow flustered, but for some reason he didnt do anything about it. He sat there for a minute, and watched Suicide slowly slip into sleep. Before he knew it, he slipped his arm around Suicide, but stopped short when Suicide winced. He moaned a little, leaning in more on Betrayal, making him curious. He looked at Suicide's arm and found amongst his blood red arm a large bruise. He narrowed his eyes at it.

"How'd that get there....." he wondered to himself aloud, but quietly.

He tried slipping his arm around him again, but was careful to not touch his bruise. It worked, and Suicide became even more comfortable. He even smiled a little bit, nuzzling closer to Betrayal's chest. Betrayal smiled at this, but still wondered to himself why Suicide's arm was bruised if he could in fact heal himself.

Maybe.....hours earlier.....


Suicide raised his eyebrow.

"It's strange.....but you do look oddly familiar. And I know your voice from somewhere." he said hopping down crossing his arms and giving Al a good long stare. "But, like I said, we can be brothers if you wanna be!"

Al looked at Suicide's teeth that glowed somewhat in the moonlight. He thought to himself, 'Wow, those are sharp....I wonder if he bites....'

Suicide looked at him, tilting his head like a confused dog, and blinking like an owl.

"So....what's your name?"
"Alphonse. You can just call me Al though." Suddenly Al felt a bit lighter about the situation. Just looking at Suicide made him think of Ed, not a sin. Maybe there was some way he could change him back. If he could get him to remember who he was. "I'll call you Brother okay?"
"Or maybe Ed?"
"Meh, either one is fine." he shrugged and plopped down as Al sat.
"Hm. I guess have alot to teach you then..."
"Teach me?"
"About who you were. About the side of you that's Ed."
"Oh, right right. That guy. So, was I cool before?"

Al laughed, rubbing his head. He REALLY had alot of work to do. He leaned up against the tree, sitting cross-legged. Suicide watched him and did the same, mimicking him nearly to perfection. Al cuaght him and scratched his head. Suicide scratched his head.

"Why are you doing that?" Al asked.
"Doing what?"
"Everything I do."
"Um....do brothers not do that kind of stuff?"

The question almost broke Al's heart. But he was keeping positive! He wasn't going to stop now.

"N-no. No, it's what brothers do." he said, going back to his cheerful voice.
"Oh. Did I say something wrong?"
"Well....you're crying."


The ceiling really wasn't that interesting anymore. Riza sat in Mustang's office chair, leaning back on it a bit, looking up at the ceiling. She recalled a time that her and Roy did it at the same time:

"We need to paint that a different color...." Mustang said, eyes blank staring at the white ceiling. Riza stood by his desk, arms at her sides.
"The ceiling. It's so boring just being white."
"Sit down Hawkeye. You're so tense. And you're always standing awkwardly."
"Alright..." she said uneasily sitting in a chair a bit away from Roy's desk.
"Well, you can sit closer, you know. I'm not going to get you fired for slacking off or anything."
Riza scooted closer to Roy's desk.
"Now, look at the ceiling."
Riza leaned back, pushing her blonde ponytail against the leather chair, looking up at the ceiling. It was true. It was boring.
"Doesn't it just eat at you?" Roy said jokingly. "It's like this job. So boring..."
"Of course, we could make it interesting."
Riza looked down at him, a bit annoyed if he was thinking the wrong thing. Roy looked over at her.
"We could get the whole mini-skirt idea going!" he said in a sudden bubbly voice.

Riza laughed to herself, remembering how she threw a book at him and sparked their usual tiny fight. She also remember how it ended:

The two sighed, Mustang laying on the floor in a pile of papers, Riza sitting on his desk. Both of them were out of breath after chasing each other about the office, knocking over furniture, making a mess of things that they knew they'd be stuck with cleaning up. But they didnt care. They were happy.


"You-You can see that?" Al asked looking down at Suicide, shocked.
"Well of course." Al suddenly moved closer to him, making Suicide flinch a bit. "W-what?"
"You can really see me crying? But how?"
"I-i dont know, i just can! What's the big deal?"
"Uh.....no big deal.....never mind." he said sitting back.
"Can no one else see you crying?"
"Not that I know of."
"Oh. Well, if it helps, I can. Why are you crying?"
"I dont know. I mean, i havent seen you in a while. When you were Ed, it was about a week ago. You went off on an assignment with Colonel Mustang, and then you two were gone....Ah! Mustang! Have you seen him?"
"Hm....I can't say....I dont know anyone by the name Mustang."
"Um....do you know anyone with short black hair, kind of tall? He might look like you, as in how you're dressed."
"You mean....Betrayal?"
"Betrayal? Um....yes?" he didnt know who Betrayal was, but maybe that was Mustang's sin form?
"Well then yes. He's staying with me at the mansion!" he said happily. Al thought for a moment or so, not sure of what to think. His thoughts broke up though as a young, black haired girl stepped forward from the field. Suicide perked up seeing her.
"Hi Miss Dante!" he exclaimed.
"Suicide, I think it's time you came home. I've been out looking for you for some time!"
"O-oh. Okay." he said sadly getting up. Dante took his hand and they started walking. Suicide turned around and waved to Al.
"I'll see you soon!" he yelled back and eventually the two disappeared into the fields. Al looked further, beyond the plains and saw the 'abandoned' mansion, lit up as if it had been owned by someone for years.


The small blonde's body was thrown up against a wall, making a loud thud as it hit it.Suicide yelped, placing a hand on his arm, wincing from the pain in it. He was yanked up by Envy, who stared at him blankly. Suicide didnt dare fight him, scared to get hurt even more. Dante looked at him mercilessly.

"You frightened me very much today Suicide....I couldn't find you."
"I-I'm sorry...." he gasped out, trying to catch his breath from being thrown around.
"What if something would have happened to you?" she asked, making the guilt on him grow. She stayed quiet for a moment and then walked away into the dark of the room, Greed coming forward, replacing her with an equally merciless look. His arm formed into a solid, midnight blue set of claws.

His fist hit Suicide hard in the stomach, barely giving him time to yelp in fright. The hit made him gag, losing all his breath and causing him to collapse on the floor, coughing.


Suicide looked into Dante's room as she welcomed him in. He was crying as he ran forward, hugging her when she extended her arms.

"Please don't scare me like that again."


Betrayal brushed his thumb lightly along Suicide's bruise, not seeing a reaction from Suicide. The purple now started turning peach. Suicide's healing was finally happening. But it made him wake up, suddenly grabbing his arm, his breath hitching.

"Are you alright?" Betrayal asked trying to help him.
"Im okay," he said moving his hand away, seeing the bruise was gone and sighing. "Yah Im fine!" he said smiling. "But.....I'm hungry."

Betrayal smiled uneasily, standing up, helping Suicide to his feet.
"Well, then let's go get some dinner, okay?"

ladee da! and thats the end of chp 4 >_< lemme know what u think ^^

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