PaperCut (papercut917) wrote in fm_alchemist,

A few movie card scans ^_^ (spoilers)

A few days ago I bought some Hagaren movie trading cards from ebay, and they came today, so I have a few scans for you. ^__^ Be warned, there are spoilers.

I know quite a few people were looking for a bigger version of this one, so here it is. It's my favorite card of all the ones I got. :3

The only version of this one I remember ever seeing here was a scan from a magazine so, hopefully this one is better...

Don't remember seeng this one before either, but my memory isn't the best, so... ^^;

Apollogies for the horribleness of the scans... my scanner is cheap and stupid. *kicks it* I tried to fix them up in photoshop... well anyways, enjoy. ^__^

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