Imagination at it's finest (dragontrap) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Imagination at it's finest

Hagaren DJCD Take 3 - Featuring Envy and Hughes!

I just got the Hagaren DJCD Take 3 in the mail and felt the need to rip the tracks and share them ^^ (woo it even came with the first print sticker!) These are YSI files. If you can create mirrors, please do

Scan of the first print sticker for all those who wanted a bigger image (EnvyxEd OTP XD!!)

Track 1 - Introduction to the show (1:05)
Track 2 - Ed, Al, and Hughes (Hughes keeps talking about Elysia XD) (31:55)
Track 3 - Transition between the Hughes segment and the Envy segment (0:58)
Track 4 - Ed, Al, and Envy (All three of them are on CRACK!! Very funny track (They have a clapping game and what sounds like a Haiku game X3). Ed says Hagane no Chibi-san XDDD!) (26:50)
Track 5 - Transition from the Envy segment to the bonus song track (0:39)
Track 6 - Ano Yume no Mukou He symphony version (5:02)
Track 7 - End of the show (Ed and Al: "Good Bye!!") (0:56)

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