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*delurks* First posted drabble. Go on easy with me ne? >_<;

Cross-posted this on fm_alchemist and steelandsparks

Title: Snapshot
Drabble: Posted Number_01
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating: PG13+
Pairing: Roy x Edward
Warning: Possible spoiler - Artwork. Movie!Edward.
Beta-reader: miura_mika
Credits: _deru for the lovely artwork. XD
Author’s Note: Finally kick myself and wrote/posted down some drabble. >.> Inspired from deru’s birthday present. XDXD Just edited the artwork to make it look photo-like.
Word Count: 365 words.


“My, my – aren’t you eager today?”

Fingers deftly unbutton Roy’s uniform with such speed and accuracy that it amused Roy till no end. Ed paused and blushed faintly before muttering, “It has been awhile after all...” Roy smirked and kissed his forehead. “A long while.” he corrected and proceeded to nip Ed’s earlobe which earned him a moan of appreciation.

Leaning against the desk in broad daylight – the pair exchanged subtle glances and Roy happily sighed. “Hmmm…shall we start then?”

Ed gripped his blue uniform tightly as Roy expertly nipped his pale neck. His breath hitched, face flushed and a dazed expression – were gestures and expressions not to be connected to Edward Elric. Yet, here he was – looking so delectable for Roy.

A sudden knock on the door, signifying trouble – made them stop dead in their tracks. “Sir, Alphonse is here to enquire about Edward.”

Ed held his breath.

Roy frowned, “Fullmetal’s not here. Check the library.”

It was a while before one of them spoke in the room. Roy sighed in relief. “Close call.” Edward on the on the other hand, headed to the door – but was pushed down onto the couch instead. “Yeah, but you lied! I have to see him.” He struggled to stand up but it was in vain, Roy’s grip was just too strong.

“You are not going anywhere and that’s an order.” Roy wrapped his arms around Edward and kissed him soundly. Ed mumbled incoherently, trying to push away. It was all going well till –


“Nii-san! I know you’re in there~!”

Al rushed into the room while smiling innocently, wielding a camera at his wake. A quick click and he walked out of the room immediately – closing the door. Silence reigned the room.

A sudden realization dawned upon Ed, “AL!”


The very next day, Edward had to duck and cover as the secretarial pool was hunting him down recklessly. The cause was this:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Al, on the other hand merely smiled in triumph.

“See, I won the bet. Hand in the money please.”

Farman and Breda grumbled about their loss while paying up. Havoc leaned against a chair, muttering: “Lady Killer extraordinaire strikes again. This time the target's a guy instead.”

- Owari -

So…yeah. I hope I didn’t butchered the pairing or make it…too OOC. >__>; *hides*

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