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^_^; Took me a bit, but I fixed the html problem (Thanks Kalika! O_O) and moved the icons to my actual homepage. X3 The geocities one is now gonna be home to one lonely fma rom that sucks up bandwidth like a greedy baby. o_O; Anyway. Current icon count is now 99.

And that be the site. The new icons are on pages 3 and 4. ^^ And..ah..are manga. XD Hope ya'll enjoy them as much as I did making them.

Gehgeh. Now for some mad cross-posting. X_x And not as burned tea.

Edity: Just now noticed the edit button. Heh. Oh! Yeah. If the link doesn't work..means that the bandwidth was used up. T_T

2nd Edity: http://maddpuss.fateback.com <- Icons ^^ Gonna test that unlimited bandwidth claim of theirs. Bwaha..

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