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Title: De Metalen Opera (chapter 3)
Pairing: suicide and betrayal (homonculus edo and homunculus roy ^^)
Rating: PG (definitely, mostly fluff! but a little gore in the begginning)
Disclaimer: I dont own fma!!! >_<
Warnings: FLUFF!!! OMG TEH FLUFF!!! >_O

Loud clanks came from the doorway of an old and abandoned shack, as a tall, sturdy armor suit walked through it. Alphonse stopped dead in his tracks, looking to and fro at the inside of the small house. It seemed the entire place was covered in red, what could have been mistakened for paint, but once the smell hit your nose, you knew what it was. He could have doubled over in disgust, but was too much in shock. A long blonde haired woman stood next to him, in equal amount of suprise. This was definitely the place Mustang and Edward were at. But that was the catch. They WERE here. This WAS the place they were at. There were no bodies to be found, only small pieces of flesh floating along in puddles of blood. That was all. No sign of Fullmetal...No sign of Flame....They were here. This was the place they were at. Past tense....


"He fell the other day." Dante said, pushing a loose strand of hair behind her ear. Lust gave her a glance, but looked back at Suicide, who was pretty satisfied playing in the field laying in front of them.
"Who? Suicide?"
"Why tell me?"
"When he fell, he cried and screamed as if he'd broken his leg. I went to him as quick as I could, only finding a scratch on his knee, but just the way he looked....all curled up, holding his knee close to his chest...."

Suicide layed on his stomach, an eager look on his face as he slowly inched towards a tiny yellow flower. On it was a small butterfly, no bigger than his thumb, slowly moving it's wings up and down. He was completely enthralled with it.

"Once I brought him inside, I layed him on the couch and went to go get a first aid kit, but then he stopped crying. Not a sound. I didnt know what happened so I ran back, and there he was: sitting up, looking around at the living room, trying to find soemthing of interest. I looked down at his knee, and there was no scratch, no blood, not even a tear in his clothes.
"So....he can heal himself?" Lust gave another glance.
"Not just that," Dante said narrowing her eyes a bit when she looked out at Suicide, seeing the tiny butterfly tip toe on to his finger. "But when he fell, he felt almost double the pain a normal human would feel if they fell."
"Any injury he recieves, he can heal himself, but he'll feel double the pain...." Lust repeated to herself, seeing the butterfly look at Suicide questionably, and then lift up intot he air and float away. Suicide turned his gaze from the sky to Dante and Lust, smiling wide, revealing his sharp teeth. Dante smiled and waved to him, but then stopped when Betrayal suddenly took a standing position next to her.

"Well hello there. I see you've finally found your way around the house?" she said holding her arms.
"Yes." he replied simply, looking at her with blank eyes.
"I heard you this morning, walking around. You should have asked me, I would have shown you around."
"It's alright." another simple reply.
Dante watched Betrayal's head turn out to look at Suicide. She followed his sight looking at Suicide as well.
"Have you spent any time with him?"
"Well, no...."
"Well, why not do so now?"
"Um...alright." he said, starting off in Suicide's direction, not sure of what to do or say. Dante watched him, almost laughing athow seriously he took this, knowing exactly how Suicide would react.

Suicide heard him, scootching himself along the ground, still sitting until he faced him. His eyes followed Betrayal, even when he was standing right in front of him, making Suicide's head look almost straight up into the air. He kept that same cheery smile on his face. Betrayal stood for a second and then suddenyl sat down, right in front of him, staring at him, embarassed at not knowing what to do. Suicide returned his stare for a few minutes, blinking curiously.

Finally, temptation made him give in.

One of Suicide's claws reached out, careful not to scratch Betrayal's forehead and went under the strap of his eyepatch. He pulled it back and let it go. *snap* Betrayal winced very slightly, when it hit him, completely unphased by it, but a bit confused as to why Suicide would do that. Another moment or so passed as the two stared at each other. Suddenly Suicide giggled.

"Why do you wear that?" he asked in a bubbly voice.
"Why do I wear what?" Betrayal asked with a raised eyebrow.
"That eye thingy...."
"Um....I....don't know...."
"Oh. Okay. It's looks cool." he said with a big smile. Betrayal for some reason smiled a bit too, finding this whole situation odd, but funny.

The two stayed in the field until late in the evening, when finally Dante leaned out the window of the kitchen, calling the two in.

That night, the sky was filled with stars.


"Well, if there were no bodies, maybe they're still alive?" Al chimed into the conversation between Riza and Havoc.
"It's most unlikely, Al. I mean, there was so much blood....." Riza sad sadly, looking down at her hands to keep them occupied.
"We have to have some kind of hope!" Al said trying to reason with her. Havoc sighed.
"Believe us kid, we want to hope that theyare alive still, but I just dont see how that would be possible."

Al had enough of depressing conversations over the situation. It had been a week already. No word from either of them, or if they were kidnapped, no word from the kidnappers. There were no clues at the scene, no evidence that anyone was there except them. Al knew something was up. It just wasn't sitting right with him.

The streets of Central were dimly lit from the street lights, a few even starting to flicker out. Al didnt even notice how loud he was when walking around anymore. He was used to it. Images of that small house kept appearing in his mind, and thoughts of what might have happened. He instantly tried to shake them away though, since it scared him to think of how badly his brother might be hurt. Or....dead?

"No! He can't be dead! He just cant!" he said to himself, but then saw people looking at him. He shuffled quickly away, until he came to the end of the town of Central, and went into the more rural side of Central. He picked his usual spot to sit and think, under the same tall tree, looking out over the same field and closed off mansion. How he wanted to go into that mansion, just to see the size of it on the inside. But now he didnt even try to think of that, all he wanted was to know his brother was sitting next to him, thinking right along with him. Al wish ed he could cry, because at that moment, he really wanted to.


"Eh?" Al heard something fall into his armor, making a little tapping noise when it hit the bottom and echoed through him. He looked around. No one there. But a voice from above him nearly made him pass out. The familiarity of it made him tingle.

"Ah! I'm sorry!"

Al looked above him, sure enough a young blonde haired boy was laying on a branch above him, playing with pine cones, and it became obvious that he dropped one.

"E-E-E-E-E-ED????" Al stuttered quickly. Suicide perked up, and inside he didnt know why he reacted to that name, but he just went along with it.
"B-BROTHER.......IS IT.....REALLY YOU?" He asked terrified again.
"Brother? Well.....I guess......If you wanna be brothers we can."
Al didnt know what to do, or say. It was really Ed! He was really still alive! It was all too fast, suddenly his brother was there, but then the words he said sunk in.

"If you wanna be brothers we can."

Suddenly, a small gust blew through, moving the brush of the tree around, the light of the moon reflecting on to Suicide's face. And there it was. The Orouburous, the symbol of life starting over again. It lay right in the middle of his forehead, and two plug lines running on each of his cheeks. Most commonly, the Orouburous was recognized on a homunculus. And the only Homunculi Al knew of, was the sins. Suddenly he knew what had happened in that shack. He knew why there were no bodies at the scene, why only blood lay on the floors.

"Do.....Do you remember me?" Al asked looking up at him.


yaaay ^^ well this is one of my favorite chps of the whole story, just with the lil cute scenes ^_~ for those of u waiting for action, worry not, its coming soon : D

so yes, lemme know if u like or not ^^

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