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An Introduction... and rant on ep.25


my name is Hime D. and I am a fiction writer who happens to be lucky enough to live in Japan. Currently I am obsessed with FMA (or else I wouldn't be here). My favorite characters seem to be the Colonel, Ed, Hughes, Hawkeye, and Izumi Curtis. Yoroshiku o-negai shimasu!

And on to ep.25.... I've just finished watching the episode and I really have to say....

NOOOOO!!!!!!! Hughes!!!!

The creators just HAD to make it sadder than the manga version, didn't they? (Or at lest IMO) I mean, those who have read ch.14-15 of the manga knows about Hughes fate, but still....

But the secretary woman is a bit unexpected. I thought she was like, Pride or something, but she turned out to be Sloth. Very interesting.

So we have the Seven Deadly Sins as followed....

* Lust (known)
* Gluttony (known)
* Envy (known)
* Greed (known in manga book 7)
* Wrath - King Bradley (the Fuhrer, known in manga book 7-8)
* Sloth - Juliet Douglas (the Fuhrer's secretary, known in anime ep.25)
* Pride (still unknown, maybe the last boss)

Can't wait for the next episodes and books.... Meanwhile, let me hide in a corner and cry.... *sobs*

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