russia's greatest love machine (covet) wrote in fm_alchemist,
russia's greatest love machine

Three drabbleishes. They're drabbleish because I feel terribly guilty calling anything over 100 words a drabble, and anything under 500 a ficlet. So, drabbleish.

Title: Approval
Rating: Gen
Theme: Fanfic100 - Parents
Pairings: Ling/Ed
Category: Drabbleish


Title: Dying Young
Rating: Gen, Humour
Theme: Fanfic100 - When
Pairings: Ling/?
Category: Drabbleish
Notes: Set around the beginning of Manga chapter 51.

Dying Young

Title: Duty Bound
Rating: Gen, Humour
Theme: Fanfic100 - Birthday
Pairings: Implied Royai
Category: Drabbleish

Duty Bound

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