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::drumroll:: Sorry I'm so late with these!

These are sort of heavy on 23, mostly because the characters seemed to be having a "who can make the funniest face" contest. Also, 24 kept crashing my cap program for some reason.

Ed looks like he was kicked in the face. Oh, wait, he was.
Al has seen better days.
Ross delivers the smackdown.
Ed takes this surprisingly well.
Winry's first entry in the face-making contest.
Winry's 2nd entry. I'm fond of this one.
Entry #3.
Ed joins Winry in making weird faces.
Then again, when doesn't he?
Hughes, for once, will be serious.
But even he cannot resist the funny face contest.
Random Ed shot. I can't remember why I took it.
Hughes is shocked.
And saddened.
I envy Ed's drawing skill. (Pun intended.)
Armstrong doesn't need to make face - he sparkles!
Just wave and smile, Winry.
Ed's second entry in the contest.
Winry realizes just how dense Edward is.
These are all pretty good, but Armstrong's is my favorite.
Daddy is in love. ^^
Roy joins the contest with his usual vein-popping.
Winry and Ed are tied for first place!
Because every anime needs cows.
Hughes abducts Winry.
Elysia wins the Cutest Ever Contest.
........Hughes in black. ::drool::
Still winning that cute contest.
Real men polish their glasses.
Love that shirt. ::shoutout to the Yami fans::
The happy family.
Ed angst. What FMA ep would be complete without it?
Naturally, I took several caps.
Al takes his dose of existentialism for the series.
And of course the episode ends on its usual high note.

The series is chock full of cute brother pairs.
Scar's bad day gets worse.
Apples. ^^
See Ed angst. Angst, Ed, angst!
Rick will.... protect... Scar.
For the Scar fans.
Rick is just so cute.
Actually, they both are.
Scar and Al - the dynamic duo!
Leo looking determined.
Adorable chibi Rick and Leo.
......just keep angsting, Ed. It's all the fangirls want.
More Scar.
The "oh shit!" moment.
Scar, debuting as a pincushion.
I actually gasped at this moment...
More cute families.
Don't you just hate it when your arm turns to goo?
Scar should not give pep talks. It's wrong.
Instead of angst, Ed will be cutely determined! It's a miracle!

.....I'm done now. ^_^ The usual applies: want, take, have, make pretty icons. If links don't work because my FTP is bitchy, comment. That is all.

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