Luna Hoshino (luna_hoshino) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Luna Hoshino

Translations of the OST track titles

1) Kiro ("The Way Back")
2) Touka Koukan ("Equivalent Trade")
3) Melissa (TV-size version)
4) Shougou ("Title" -- here meaning 'title' as in rank)
5) Tenkou Kisei ("Purity of Heaven" -- I'm not totally sure on this one, since I've never seen these particular kanji used in this combination before, and again, these particular kanji combinations are not in any of my dictionaries. :P)
6) Giiro ("Street")
7) Omoide ("Memories")
8) Manamusume ("Favorite Daughter")
9) Mametsubu Renkinjutsushi ("The Tiny Alchemist" -- clearly meant to be a pun on Ed's height!)
10) Youwa ("Harmony")
11) Douyou ("Unrest")
12) Sennyu ("Infiltration")
13) Shundou ("Manipulation" -- this particular word can also have the connotation of 'despicable acts,' so I tried to capture that in the translation by choosing to interpret it as 'manipulation' rather than simply 'maneuvering')
14) Rouko ("Hardness")
15) Shinkou ("Invasion")
16) Shukumei ("Fate")
17) Betsuri ("Parting")
18) Hisou ("Sadness")
19) Shokuzai ("Atonement")
20) Rakuyou ("Setting Sun")
21) Kenja no Ishi ("Philosopher's Stone")
22) Ishbal
23) Tenjou ("Heaven")
24) Scar
25) Anun ("Dark Clouds")
26) Kinki ("Taboo")
27) Amesutorisu (This one was written all in katakana, and I have not a clue what it means. None of my dictionaries have it either; maybe it's some odd Japanese idiom...?)
28) Saikai ("Reunion")
29) Nukumori ("Warmth")
30) Hagane no Kokoro (which, depending on whether you're translating it literally or using the meaning of 'hagane' as 'Full Metal,' can mean either "Heart of Steel" or "Full Metal's Heart")
31) Souto ("Ambitious Undertaking")
32) Bratja ("Brothers")
33) Kesenai Tsumi ("Sins that Can't be Erased," TV-size version)

These were all translated using the tracklisting on the official webpage, so hopefully there shouldn't be any errors. If you wanna put these on a webpage, that's fine by me; just please credit the translations to me, okay? ^_^

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