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Theme Drabble "Vacant"

A friend referred me to the 15minuteficlets community, and a while ago I wrote an FMA-based theme for Word #113, "Vacant". ...So I thought I'd share. ^^ Mild spoilers for... erm, Chapter 43, I think, of the manga? >.> I can't remember which, exactly... it was in tankouban 11....


Burning their home left nothing more than open space and some fallen rafters from the last areas of the house to be eaten alive by the flames. Burning down that simple, yet wonderful building had left an eleven year old Edward Elric with a void in his heart, despite the step forward he was taking in his life.

He’d hated how lonesome it made him feel.

Alphonse had always been there for him. Always. Sometimes, his brother seemed more like a loyal pet than a relative. And he was grateful.

So when he’d returned to Resembool alone while Alphonse stayed with Winry as she trained in Rush Valley, he couldn’t help but feel a little empty. What was worse, was when he’d gone to visit his mother’s grave, he’d met up with his bastard of a father. What the hell was he doing there, at Trisha Elric’s grave, after disappearing for all those years?

It had made him furious.

But the anger didn’t even begin to fill the hole he’d created inside himself in leaving his brother behind. Even if it was for good reason, even if it was only for a short while.

And then there was the act of digging up the mistake he’d created, that night he and his brother had tried to resurrect their mother. The outcome had left him feeling more empty than he’d ever felt. He’d made such a horrid mistake -- turning his brother into a walking tin can -- and for what?

So here he stood, on his way back to his brother, in front of the empty lot where his house had once made the sun seem to shine so much brighter. Staring at the disturbed earth beneath his feet where he and Pinako had dug into the earth to find the truth, Edward bit his lip.

What was he going to tell Al?

He closed his eyes tightly, and spun on one heel, to walk down the muddy path toward the train station. He left behind the memories of years past, and things unchangeable.

That vacant lot held so much pain within it, and yet somehow, so much hope.

Concrit welcomed, feedback loved. ♥

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