Donovan (chrononuriko) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Regarding this 'Storch' character in chapter 52...

Seems like something that would've come up by now in the vast fast paced world of internet discussion, but I haven't seen it discussed at much length here, or mentioned at all really (could've missed something though, so if this is old news sorry.)

When I first read the raw I noticed something was weird with him. He was being concentrated on an awful lot for what appeared to be a one shot or minor military character, and that figure just looked familiar...then it clicked -- the silhouette of Pride matches. His thin creepy cheekbone accentuated face, those ears...

Oh, but when the translation came my suspicions were all but officially confirmed. The Fuhrer's personal assistant? And then there is his name...

Amestris is based on Germany quite a bit, and the word for pride (or proud, proudly...something like that) in German is stolz from what I understand. Then the whole romanizing katakana into a name tends to be mostly educated guesses until official word comes out...and it does seem like Storch would be something that could be Stolz in reality (Though the katakana looks like Shutoruhi to me, which doesn't really ideally turn into either of those I'd say, but whatever, I've never been good with japanese.)

Do we have the identity of Pride finally, or is this just baseless speculation?

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