FlameRaven (flameraven) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Questions about Ed's limbs. :P

This just occurred to me, so...

Now, I haven't seen the movie (though I have been spoiled for it), but I remember in the earlier trailers and Newtype articles and stuff, it showed Ed with a "lawnmower arm", where it was covered in fleshy-looking stuff and he would pull a string in his elbow to make it work...or something...? It was quite odd.

So my question is: what exactly was up with that? What was Ed's lawnmower arm, why did he have it, what happened to it in the end?

Other related questions:
So, for the ending...Ed dies, is resurrected, restores Al, then ends up in Munich, right? At that point, has he lost his automail ports? Because he was fully restored at some point (erasing the ports), and then he's wearing crude 1920's prosthetics in the movie, which I imagine wouldn't fit as well over the ports. (And if he did lose them, why is he walking away in Munich if he's missing a leg?) Yet I'm pretty sure he gets his automail back at some point. Explanation, clarification? Thanks.

Last one: Does Ed get his automail back at the end of the movie? Does it work fine in our world, and it was just the Gate that caused him to lose it before, or when he and Al end up in our world and go off into the sunset (or whatever), is he on prosthetics again?


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