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[Author] Mara D (Watarisgirl/Lady Jade)
[Series] Fullmetal Alchemist
[Pairing] RoyxEd
[Rating] Not work safe. I give all my stuff Nc 17, even when the chapters are innocent because knowing my dirty mind, they don't stay pure for long ^_~
[Spoilers?] Yes. It's fairly AU. My take on the end of the series, The movie doesn't exist at all for me.
[Beta] cherrymelle Finally, a Beta, and a damn fine one!
[Chatter] Sorry for all the plot, but it should still be enjoyable. Ran out of steam on the sex scene, but I think it was still pretty decent. Don't know why this took me forever other than I have been really tired lately. ^_^

Al was deeply asleep on the sofa in the den when Ed left his side. He covered the younger Elric with a blanket, tucked him in carefully, stroked his hair once for good measure, and got a sleepy and appreciative murmur in reply.

Ed smiled then, the smile of a big brother, and a proud one at that.

“When did you get so grown up Al?” Ed asked quietly.

He got no reply except for the slight twinge of pain in his chest that echoed with the sadness over /missing/ Al growing up. He had hoped to have been able to see it. He might have to go wring details out of Roy. The longer he contemplated that over the warm crackle of the fire, the better the idea sounded. After all, he really he knew why he was /really/ going. He wanted some comfort. As much as that irked him to pester the ‘colonel shit’…oh, who was he kidding.

He stole one last glance at Al, snuggling to the blanket in his sleep, and then snuck upstairs to find Roy.

He stopped at every other room upstairs, which left only one other option.

The hot tub room.


The sounds of running shower guided him to the door, and he rapped lightly once. When he didn’t get a reply, he slowly opened the door. The hot tub…that sounded so…great. And with his lover too.

He didn’t care if he had to oil his automail, the hot water sounded both wonderful and horrible, and he was hoping it would be more about ‘wonderful’ after he got over what he guessed to be the initial sting of hot water on sore ass. It hadn’t felt perfectly great this morning anyway…

He opened the door further with a soft call of “Roy?” Over the sound of water. He didn’t want to startle his lover.

What he saw when he fully let himself in was enough to make him forget how to breathe.

Roy was standing under the spray, head tilted back and hand on his need, shuddering just a bit as he tugged carefully, slowly. Dark eyes were closed to narrow slits, and were focusing directly on Ed now.

For a moment, he almost ended up on the floor as all the blood rushed below his beltline.

“Ed…” Roy moaned lowly, his expression one of daring, teasing and real desire.

Now. Ed was a smart young man. It took him a little under twenty seconds to tear his clothing off and to hesitantly slide under the hot water with his lover.


Edward scooted under the water to join Roy just as fast as the dark alchemist had expected a horny eighteen year old to, and so he wasn’t disappointed when he looked down and found a pair of curious and aroused golden eyes staring back up at him.

Roy stopped tugging at his cock, and instead pulled the unsteady blond to his chest. Ed went without a whimper, nuzzling there against the tiny triangle of dark chest hair just under the prominent rise of Roy’s breastbone. It was sleek with water and soft, and Ed had decided that was an appropriate place to nibble since he was there already.

Roy shivered a bit, but allowed the gesture as he rested his chin on top of Ed’s head.

“I came here to talk...but…” Ed began.

Roy made a low sound in his throat.

“I have no problem talking…Edward.” Roy let Ed know without any uncertain terms that sex was at least as important as what Ed had to say. “I like listening to what you have to say.” Roy encouraged even as he debated killing himself for the 360 from sex to talking. Things that tended to be two polar opposites, although one sometimes lead to the other.

Ed surprised him by pulling away with a mischievous smile.

“It can wait.” Ed murmured as he slowly sank to his knees, his automail making a tiny clink against the tile floor as he did so.

Roy blinked down at Ed…

“Edward?” Roy asked, as slightly calloused hands slid down from his hips to his stomach, and then the tops of his thighs, where strong fingers kneaded curiously, and fingernails scraped carefully over a scar, making him gasp.

“Are you sure you wa..ha…ha…nt to…mhhhh.”

Roy didn’t get to finish his sentence as Ed’s tongue curiously flicked across the head of his erection.


Ed had wanted to do this since he first realized his feelings for Roy, but had never dared to dream of it. Mainly because he had not wanted Roy to be all smug and controlling about it, and Ed had zero experience in this sort of thing. He hadn’t felt secure with it before, but now was as good a time as any to learn, wasn’t it? Roy had done it for him before, so what was the big deal, right?

He knelt in the hot water, resting his cheek on Roy’s stomach like a contented cat while he slid his hands down the tops of Roy’s thighs, exploring, feeling the massive scarring on the one, front and back. The Fuhrer had done quite a job. It was also making Roy quiver a bit. Ed scratched his nails lightly over a scar, and Roy gasped. Ed bent then to caress the head with his tongue, and managed to make Roy Mustang speechless with pleasure, reducing him to humming incoherently.

“Yeah I want to do this.” Ed growled throatily. “Don’t tell me what I can and can’t do!” He hissed for good measure, least Roy get it into his head that this somehow meant Ed was being subservient…

He tried to ignore the nerves flashing up and down his spine, what if he wasn’t good at this? What if he gagged or…no. Roy had not made fun of him yet, not like that, never like that.

When he enveloped Roy in his mouth, finally took him in a little way, slowly, carefully, he felt Roy’s hands come down to the top of his head, ghosting just slightly there.

“This is…the ultimate act of control Ed…nh…not…submission.” Roy gasped.

Ed blinked. Well, he hadn’t exactly thought about it like that, and there was always the chance that Roy was just trying to manipulate him into doing this either way, but whatever. He trusted Roy this far, he would just keep trusting him.

It was when he lowered his head further, taking Roy all the way in that he understood. He was holding the very root of Roy’s being in his mouth, and he could do so much damage like this it wasn’t funny. Instead, he was giving pleasure.
Ed tried his best to remember what Roy had done for him when they had done this before, with him on the receiving end…so he began simply by bobbing his head.


Roy was fairly certain his brain had come out of his ears. Ed’s hot mouth was on his need, bobbing, licking, sucking lightly, humming from time to time. It was not perfect, no, and it didn’t need to be. Ed was trying, very eloquently and successfully to please Roy.

A time or two Roy had to remind him to watch his teeth, but then again he counted himself lucky because most things that went into Edward Elric’s mouth never ever came back out.

When he came, Ed choked only mildly and made a little face while coughing. A quick drink of shower water seemed to quell that problem.

When Roy could see straight again, he slowly untangled his fingers from Ed’s wet hair, making tiny sounds of approval to the nervous golden eyes staring up at him.

“Mhhh.” Roy sighed lowly. “That was wonderful.”

He pounced on Ed a few moments later, and proceeded to give him one of the soundest and most skilled hand job in history, or at least that was what Edward believed, no doubt, or so it seemed with all the noise he was made.


Roy slid down into the water of the hot tub, holding Ed to his shoulder while they relaxed and looked out over the pond, bathed in moonlight.

“So what was it you were going to ask me?” Roy encouraged softly.

Ed snuggled a bit closer.

“Well, I was going to ask you when the hell Al became so grown up…I guess I almost forgot…again.”

Roy chuckled lowly.

“I think all big brothers feel that way. They will always be age nine to you, and holding up a frog they caught for you to inspect....”

Ed laughed softly.

“Yeah…say, how do you know about being a big brother Roy?”

It was Roy’s turn to chuckle.

“Because I once had a younger brother.”

Ed froze against him.

“A brother?”

“Yes, a brother. Not a freakish half-chimera of dreaded folklore.”

Ed could almost be heard blinking before his natural ‘sense of equilibrium in strange situations’ kicked in.

“Okay, just checking Mustang, because god knows it’s probably genetic and I don’t want to wake up some morning missing my other leg or arm. Or worse…find out you murdered him or something.”

Roy snorted.

“I… my mother died when I was young, and my father was a Colonel …he sent us both to boarding school so that he did not have to see us, we reminded him too much of Mother, I believe but…I was a private fresh into the military, and had just signed up for my State Alchemy tests when my brother was…when he was killed.”

Ed blinked. Wow. Just wow.

“Jesus Roy, I’m sorry.” Ed said honestly, meeting tired and suddenly very sad gray. “I guess I never thought of you having family…I mean, I know you weren’t transmuted but…”

Roy shook his head and then tapped Ed on the nose, a tiny and sad smile turning up the corner of his mouth.

“It is an old sadness Edward, it is nothing to worry about now…and don’t be too concerned…If I hadn’t have met your father, I would also be of the firm persuasion that you were somehow spawned.

“Sometimes I wished I was…” Ed said softly. “He was like some sort of god or something to the rest of the world, at the mention of ‘Hoenheim Elric,’ the world fell to its knees sighing. I just wanted to kick his ass…he wasn’t some sort of hero…he was the bastard that ran out on my mother and my brother.”

Roy hummed softly.

“But that changed?”

“Yes…that changed.” Ed said softly. “Once I understood why…”

“And why was that?” Roy asked gently, but very curiously

He always had wondered himself why, a devoted and intelligent man like Light Hoenheim…

“Because he was a Homunculus of sorts himself. He was the first to ever attempt human transmutation, and it was ages ago in hopes of achieving eternal life. He had found a way to transfer his soul from body to body through time until he discovered that the more he did it…he fell apart faster. The bodies he was using were disintegrating faster than they should have been. It wouldn’t have mattered to him except by then he had finally married…finally fallen in love, had a family…he wanted to get well for us, or at least, try to live one more lifetime with us. That was why he went away…”

Roy couldn’t speak. It made far too much sense.

“That information…”

Ed nodded dully.

“Yeah, there’s a good chance he knew how to defeat Wrath and Envy…As I am sure you found out with the Fuhrer, you must destroy a Homunculus’s original mortal remains in order to kill it. But in Envy and Wrath’s case, well, the transmutation was done with their original bodies so…”

Roy blinked.

“There is no way to subdue them?”

“Not yet…not that I know of…”

Roy nodded.

“I would say to track down your father and ask him then, since he does appear to have been our resident homunculus expert…”

Ed shook his head.

“I was thinking…when we…my first time…do you remember that energy?”

Roy nodded, a smile curling the corners of his mouth again.

“So you thought about that too?”

“What is the one thing that a homunculus does not have?”

“A soul.” Roy said softly.

“That energy we raised.”

“Was pure spirit.” Roy confirmed.

“But we don’t know if Envy and Wrath /do/ have their souls…if it had not had a chance to escape the body before they were transmuted…” Ed said. “We don’t even really know what we are dealing with and I guess we could always /try/ to seal Envy if we can’t destroy him…but we still need remains…and that was eons ago…so we don’t even know where to start looking for them…”

Roy held Ed a bit closer for reassurance.

“We don’t know for sure, but it is at least a starting place. And we need one. Soon.”

Ed nodded.

“Edward…there have been…”

Roy swallowed hard, and Ed suddenly realized that he was about to be privy to something he shouldn’t know.

“Killings…” Roy continued. “They know that we know where their base is, and they have been coming and going quite freely. They know we cannot stop them…and they have been killing people…alchemists sometimes, two private first class officers…a civilian scholar or two…we thought the murders were unrelated, but upon further investigation…”

Ed sat quickly up and away from Roy.

“Why didn’t you /tell/ me before you bastard!?” Ed snapped.

“The Fuhrer confirmed my suspicions only today, and Lieutenant Colonel Quinn at Intelligence had only turned in the report to my desk this morning…but…it raises some worries…”

“Such as?” Ed asked, obviously still irritated.

“Such as your safety. As your brother’s safety. The Fuhrer’s safety…”

“I can take care of myself!” Ed snapped, golden eyes burning into Roy’s as he sat back and away from his lover.

“I know you can, but the question is, how can we be sure with a shape shifter that one of us is not an imposter? What if right now, I am this…Envy…how can you be sure?”

Ed blinked at Roy.

“You wouldn’t be telling me all of this if you were.” Ed growled low in his throat. “Dammit, Roy…” There was a glint of paranoia flashing in that gold.

“I let you take me the first time.” Roy stated.

Ed blinked.

“I told you to not move until you were ready.”

Ed let out a tiny breath.

“God, don’t scare me like that Roy…”

“I had to, to remind you of just how much danger we are in. I think they are waiting for us to let our guard down…”

“You could have been Envy all along! Since I came back through the gate!”

Roy laughed then, softly. “Would I have been so kind to you, stuck with you? No, if I were Envy I would have slit your throat while you slept. I have had ample opportunity…”

“Maybe you want to know what I know.”

“You are starting to think like me Fullmetal, congratulations, you have proven to me that paranoia is actually contagious.”

“You started it asshole!” Ed snapped. “And a conceited comment like that and I’m sure it’s you.” Ed relaxed visibly a bit, and his anger seemed to drain away into the hot water in that instant. “Roy, how do we find them? I mean, we can’t just sit here waiting. If more people are going to die…”

“We will simply have to go on the offensive. I have an idea I need to run by Alphonse but…there is a stone, much like the red stone, but it forces the truth from anyone that is too close to it.”

“The truth?”

“Like truth serum in stone form…it has been rumored to force shape shifters to their true form.”

“Do we even know Envy’s true form and what it looks like? A bit like my father if what I saw was correct, but can I be sure…?”

“Well, I would figure that anyone going from one form to another very quickly would be a good indication that perhaps they are what you are looking for?”

Ed grunted at him.

“Don’t make fun of me, I’m beat.”

“What…wait…Your father Fullmetal?” Roy asked as what Ed had said previously registered.

Roy’s mind was obviously tired as well.

“Yes…Envy…he uh, he’s my half brother…”

Roy Mustang blinked.

“Oh sweet Goddess of Ishbal…”

“That’s something like what I said.”

Roy was reeling.

“How does /that/ story go?” Roy asked, the expression on his face one of morbid curiosity.

“Father and Dante were lovers from long ago…she and he found out how to do the soul transmutation together. They were almost inseparable… Envy…he was their child. He died young…and they tried to revive him…and well…you see what happened…there was lots of anger. Especially when dad went and married my mom…”

“Dante and Hoenheim?! So we cannot be certain that Dante is dead, she is like your father!?”


Roy put his head in his hands.

“This changes things…” Roy said lowly. “Is there a chance, since Envy and Wrath do not seem to get along, that she could be behind this. Why would two beings that despise each other work together without a very solid common goal?”

Ed glanced at Roy levelly.

“Very possible.”

“I have to get this information to Quinn.” Roy said softly.

“Feel free to give her a call, I’m getting all pruny! I also need to take some time and oil my automail, or I am going to rust. Winry makes the best, but I have still got to take care of it a bit.”


Roy tried not to reel at what Ed had told him as he relayed the information to Quinn. (At least he knew why the Homunculus hated Edward so much now.) She took it rather well, all things considered, and even seemed slightly excited to have some information that was of real use. They had been conferencing on and off for some time now, debating, working, reworking, and Riza had been relentless in her investigations, in driving the team forward.

As a matter of fact, Riza did not have this weekend off, and he felt rather bad about it, but she on the other hand, did not. She really liked to be busy, and so it wasn’t a bad thing. Especially with something this big hanging over their heads. (She also had recently returned from her trip with Hayate, and was determined she find out every detail she had missed while she was gone. A working weekend suited her just fine, he was certain.)

“I have an idea sir, we should discuss it on Monday…in more detail. I require more information before I can propose something well thought out to you.”

“I see, if there is anything further that I can do to be of assistance to you?”

“The Elrics…I need to meet with them, and you, can you perchance book me in for some time on Monday?”

“I can do one better.” Roy said softly. “You may have us for the whole day if you require us…”

“That would be…most excellent. Colonel Hawkeye is of course, also required for a few moments I am certain.”

“After we have solidified some sort of plan, yes, she can be…persuaded to let us into her busy schedule.”

“I see sir, thank you again for this information, it will be put to good use immediately…”

“I never had any doubts Lieutenant Colonel. Have a pleasant and…safe evening.”

“Of course sir.”


Al was stirring sleepily as Roy shook his shoulder.

“Perhaps you ought not sleep on the couch, you will get a cramp in your neck.” Roy said.

Al sat up sleepily, rubbing blurry eyes.


“Not sir. Not when you are in this house. Here you are family. My family.”

Alphonse smiled that sweet little smile up at Roy, the one that took his breath away and reminded him so much of Hoenheim it almost hurt.


Ed and Al had been tossing ideas around for the rest of the weekend, discussing everything they knew about homunculus, the layout of the area surrounding the hideout, the building itself, and Alchemy. Roy had had to force feed then, and then put them both down for a nap around late afternoon while he did his best to get a few letters written. Old friends he wanted to speak to.

He paused as his finger stopped over ‘Hughes, Maes and Gracia’ in his address book.

“Maes, my friend, I wish you were here now. We could use all the help we can get.” Roy said softly.

He thought back to Hughes, to that happy smile and golden eyes, (Much like Ed’s) that had held a disarming gentleness and the spark of real and terrible intelligence. He did miss Hughes…badly. But now, sitting here, pen in hand and watching the slow rise and fall of the breathing of two Elric men (Sprawled on his couches like fatalities at a frat party.) he couldn’t help but think that some good had come from all the bad.

For the first time in a long time, there was a /family/ in this house. It may have been atypical, but it was a family.

He smiled then, just slightly as he thought about all he had been through in the last few years. So much had changed…Maes Hughes might have been a complete nothing in the scale of the military, a suit that sat in a chair or manned a knife that would be replaced by another person as soon as he died…as he had been. But Hughes had taught him something even more valuable in death. Something that most in the military obeyed as law and yet did not believe in in the slightest.

Life was precious. So precious that Maes had given his own to protect his family, his friends, and had given his, first and foremost still, to Roy Mustang. At first it had filled him with horrible guilt…Hughes hadn’t owed him that push to the top. Hughes had owed him nothing. But then he understood. It was legacy. Someone had once stood beside Hughes, and pulled him back to his feet, had given up his own life as a demonstration to Hughes of how precious even the smallest of things in the world could be, and Hughes, having grasped the concept for himself, passed it on to Roy.

Roy in turn…had passed it on. Passed it on to Elysia, to Edward and Alphonse and Hawkeye and Selim…

He thought back to Selim…the boy had been…his redemption after Hughes’ death. He was doing quite well now, even went so far as to call him ‘uncle Roy.’ Was going to a great boarding school, and surprise of all surprises…studying alchemy. The damage done to him, emotional or physical, had not been permanent; and he was actually staying with Gracia and Elysia when he was not in boarding school. Roy had redeemed himself for that child’s life he had taken in the Ishbal wars. Absolution.

Passing things on to the future…that was what a legacy was all about, and death could not hold that back or dim it.

Roy sipped at his glass of scotch, watching the two most important people in his life dozing on the couch. His gaze falling to Edward last but not least, and lingering there.

He understood now what Hughes had meant when he had said “get a wife.’ This might not have been what Hughes had in mind…but it was undeniably the beginning of something that Roy wanted to hold onto, no matter what.

The restlessness was gone, and in it’s stead, came the thoughts of how he had to protect those he loved now.

Loosing was not an option.

He picked up pen and paper, and began another letter. Someone somewhere had to know a bit about homunculus, and he would strangle it out of them if he had to. But he would start of with a few kind letters. More flies with honey than vinegar and all that.


Quinn was almost absolutely still save for the tapping of one finger on her desk. Ed and Al were lounging on a sofa nearby, and Roy was scanning an Intelligence report while leaning against her desk.

“Let me get this straight. They want to kill you boys because Hoenheim was your father?”

Ed sighed. “Well, they don’t know that he is…deceased…yet, so there is a chance that they might still be looking for him. And Dante would want to know where he was too…so they won’t kill us right away…”

“At least…not unless we resist them.” Al chimed in.

“So what we have to do is try and find the mortal remains of one three hundred or so year old homunculus from goddess of Ishbal knows where, and hope that the other can be killed by a combined attack wielded by two of our strongest alchemists?”

“That’s about the size of it.” Roy said, glancing up from his report.

“Is there any chance we can attempt to lure them away from the Fuhrer, to buy time and to let our surveillance teams search for information regarding this…Dante?”

“Izumi might know something.”

Roy nodded.

“You could go to her and ask.” Roy said quietly.

“Or.” Quinn murmured, steepling her fingers, “We could invite her here…it might be an excellent way to draw out troublemakers, and maybe take a shot at them.”

“The General and I would have to practice together first, or we could end up with a serious rebound that we don’t want. Alchemists’ powers do not always combine how we hope they will.” Ed said warningly.

Roy was silent.

“I have not used my alchemy in a very long time, and it may not even be possible, let alone functional. And I do not agree with putting Edward or Izumi in harm’s way.” Roy said darkly.

“It may be our only choice, we have to test the waters…before it’s too late. Maybe it will give them pause for thought, if nothing else.” Quinn interjected.

“Or ruin their respect for us and help them loose whatever common sense fear inhibits them from being more bold at the moment.” Roy said, sounding a bit grouchy even to his own ears.

“Or make them overconfident” Al said quietly, startling them all “enough to make some mistakes.”

Silence ruled the room then.


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