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2 fics - gen Ed, and Envy/Ed smut

2 Fanfics; 1 gen Ed-centric, 1 smutty Envy/Ed. First, a note about the setting - yuuo, earlier this spring, came up with this little what-if scenario for the anime timeline. It got dubbed 'alterverse' between her, I, and a few others in discussion to keep it clear which was which, as it was an alternate timeline. The 'verse bit was a force of habit as we have a tendency to tag it onto names for timelines in an RPG we're in that branch away from the main one. The name just stuck.

Ed failed to successfully transmute Al's soul to the armor, has damaged vocal cords and cannot speak, and above all, is a HELL of a lot darker and more dangerous, with nothing left to lose. He's driven to try to get Al back from the Gate. yuuo has some writing exercises done for it, but she's planning to do the actual story's writing during NaNo. beccastareyes put together a Lurker's Guide summarizing things.

First fic - gen Ed-centric: yuuo's been trying to figure out what's changed, where, and how, and has come to me and jchaos for help with some of the characters. I'd been poking at Russell to try and figure out what went different at Xenotime since he would not have impersonated the Fullmetal Alchemist there. Then out of the blue, I got attacked by a plotbunny from Ed's POV that would not leave me be until it was written. She gave me permission to post a link.

+ Open Wound
Author: kuchenhexe
Rating: PG-13, some language and imagery
Word Count: 1415
Summary: As he watched the mountain crack and tremble, bleeding, bleeding life and blood, Edward decided that the mission was a spectacular failure.

Second fic - Envy/Ed smut: if you read the Lurker's Guide, you know about the existence of a 'gameverse' and the reasons thereof. But although it makes an implication that one of them's in a m/f relationship, and that they're all involved in a polyamorous relationship, this actual scene is nothing but violent, consensual, kinky, m/m sex between Ed and Envy. Nothin' more, nothin' less.

+ To the Victor Goes the Spoils
Author: kuchenhexe
Rating: NC-17, explicit, violent, and consensual m/m sex.
Word Count: 2632
Summary: Before Edward could turn around, he was grabbed from behind and in a quick movement, Envy was in front of him, pushing him back hard against the door, forcing it shut as his lips captured his own in a sharp, hard kiss.

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