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Okay, here goes nothing... Need fanfic recs!

On my website, I currently have a section for fanfic recommendations. Right now, the only anime that is really up there is Yami no Matsuei, as that was a fandom I dabbled in for a while.

And now I've been thinking about putting a FMA rec section up. Only, I'd like some help on it. ^_^;;

Currently, I'm going through old posts, memories of random communities for fanfiction, and recs from my own friends but I think asking on the main community by members would give me a better scope on pairings, genres, etc that my friends don't cover.

Feel free to pimp anyone, a webpage of fanfics, or even pimp your own stories!

And don't be afraid to show me fanfiction that has spoilers. I've seen the movie, played both PS2 games, seen all the anime, and read up to chapter 51 of the manga (and after this, I'll go scoot on over to chapter 52. :D), so I'm not bothered by spoilers.

My order of prefered genre/pairings for fanfiction:

1. General fanfiction - If you can show me to a fanfic that doesn't center around any romance, I'll worship you. >.> But seriously, general fanfic is hard to find in any fandom, so if you can point me to a fanfic that doesn't center or even involve some sort of romance, that would be great!

2. Anything Al centric - I have a very biased opinion towards Alphonse, probably cause he's my favorite character. :X I'd like to see a fanfic centered around him mainly, that doesn't involve any pairings.

3. Pairings - I have very odd tastes when it comes to pairings, I mainly like het pairings in FMA, and only really one yaoi pairing. However, I'm open to all pairings and will read them as well. My preferred pairings are the following:

Edward/Winry - Cute/fluff/sap/angst or whatever, I'll take it. >.>
Roy/Hawkeye - Same as above, but I'm rather picky with characterization. :X
Edward/Alphonse - Pretty much the same, but I'd prefer Human!Al in the fic if there's hard core romance or lemon scenes. If it's just 'squee, cute!', I don't mind.

If you do recommend me a pairing that's not one of the above, I'd rather it NOT be PwP. Honestly, I rather not recommend a PwP fic unless it is extremely well written (Or there's something unique about it), even with the pairings I've said above.

Build up fics of any pairing I didn't mention above would be wonderful too, since I can get a good scope of pairings I feel neutral for and maybe come to like.

And also, don't hestitate to recommend me fanfics just character based on anyone besides Al. I just like reading stuff on Al because he's my favorite character, but I wouldn't mind reading a story focused around someone else.

And that's about it! Hope to see lots of fanfics to fill up my rec list with! ^_^ *Goes back into lurkdom*

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