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If any of this applys to you (or not)please comment

Warning this contains spoilers... sorry if anyone saw this w/out the warning....i was typing alot so i must of forgot.

1. you own all fma merchandise.
2. your walls are covered with FMA posters
3. you own every FMA DVD ever(even in Japanese)
4. You've written fanfics about you and one of the characters together.
5. You've drawn Fan art of just FMA
6. you know how to make perfect automail
7. you buy anime mag. just because FMA is on the cover.
8. you try to claim on of the characters as your own.
9. you bought videogame mag. just because they had free FMA demos
10. you bought a PS2 just for the FMA games.
11. you cosplay as ed even though your a girl(...no comment...)
12. you spent all you pay check on FMA stuff
13. you can sing ready steady go in Japanese and not understand a single word!
14. when your friends see FMA stuff they think of you.
15. you have no friends because of FMA
16. you bought the Japanese Videogame and don't read Japanese(or have the systems!)
17. you tryed to learn alchemy
18. you have enough FMA shirts to wear all week
19. you tryed to become a state alchemist
20. you have a room dedicated to FMA
21. You have a life size doll of ed
22. (for shortalchemist your charactor on Gaionline looks like a female ed.
23. your charactor on tony hawk underground 2 looks like ed( its posible i did it!)
24. whenever you here F. M. A. or alchemy or ed...you think of FMA.
25. you dream about FMA
26. You never miss an episode of FMA even though you have all the DVDs
27. all of you and your friends have FMA nicknames.
28. you joined a FMA community on LJ (DUH!)
29. you bought FMA cels online for hundreds of dollars
30. all of your usernames online have something to do with FMA
31. you have the Japanese TCs even though you can't read Japanese.
32. you've made a site dedicated to FMA
33. you have made tons of FMA graphics
34. you like ed and want to kill winry (also for shortalchemist
35. you cried when Hues died
36. you cried when ed died
37. you want to kill the creator for comming up w/the ending
38. you prononce Edo, E-Doe because it sounds cute
39. you call your boyfriend Ed
40. you call your girlfriend winry
41. you tryed to go back in time so you could meet ed
42. you wrote a ykyowfmaw? (hum...hum...not me...)

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